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Rangers Today No. 1

In “Rangers Today,” I (Ktman) will write about current events and news that regard the Club Penguin Rangers.


Whats In This Post


  1. Dunces And Dragons: Medieval Penguin Overpopulate CP
  2. A Democratic Republic: A New Form Of Government Is Coming To The Rangers
  3.  Strength In Numbers: More Rangers Need To Get On CP
  4. Club Penguin United Nations: Rangers Have Recently Joined The CPUN


  1. Dunces And Dragons: Medieval Penguins Overpopulate CP


For those of you who get my pun in the title of this article, you most likely know how I feel about the new Medieval “gangs” popping up around Club Penguin with inspiration from the new catalog.  And if you don’t know, I don’t like it.  Though these “gangs” are growing fewer and fewer, us and all our allies combined would still need about an hour to knock these guys and gals off the server.  I will leave them be until the next evens that I explain happens.  Then its war.  This event is if they start threatening us or are allies.  This will most likely not happen and this army will most likely fade away in the coming days.


  1. A Democratic Republic: A New Form Of Government Is Coming To The Rangers


Very soon, the Rangers will be running under a Democratic Republic Government.  This type of Government is the type used by the United States Of America where everyone has a right to vote and has rights.  I don’t have much info right now but I will when this project is ready to be put into action.  I can tell you though, that this system will make the Rangers run in a fun, safe, and organized way.


  1. Strength In Numbers: More Rangers Need To Get On CP


I am sad to say it, but more Rangers need to get on Club Penguin.  The Rangers that are not on are not missing much, because ACP is rarely on either.  But still the more penguins we have on, the safer and more fun Club Penguin will be.  Also, we will get more popular and we will have more penguins joining us then ever before!  If you have things to do I understand, but if you got some free time then please just do a little Rangers advertising and fight off ACP.  Even two people on at a time would make all the difference.


  1. Club Penguin United Nations: Rangers Have Recently Joined The CPUN


The Club Penguin Rangers have recently joined Mrdeedledoo’s (The Leader of the Navy) Club Penguin United Nations program.  This program is all about making Club Penguin more fun and safe.  It helps armies get along and gangs up on other armies that all of CPUN soldiers agree are threatening Club Penguin.  I can’t explain it to you very well so you are better off checking out http://clubpenguinunitednations.wordpress.com

and reading through some of it content.  You are sure to agree that this site will definitely help this army grow.


That concludes the first issue of Rangers today!















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