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New Pages and Rangers News

Well i think i should update you the CPR and allies or enemies with the news.

New Pages

There have been some new pages added They are CPRs HQs and CPRs Army Thoughts. On CPRs HQs you can read which CPR members have a HQ for you to go to. Also you could post a comment saying you would like your igloo to be a HQ. Also on CPRs Army Thoughts you can post a comment about what you think of any army. Then you can read what other people have said about other armies.

Rangers News

CPUT wants to have war on us again hopefully it will be soon. If they do i think it should be on Friday as otherwise i wont be able to participate. Also as you know NMA doesnt like us for some strange reason. I dont know exactly why but it will go right6 in the end. Hopefully.

The Ranks page has been updated go on it to check your up there.

Also remember to vote for the Penguin to Be Head Of Senate it is either Red Destoyz (me) or Jetex 1997

Red Destoyz


4 Responses

  1. Hey, some things you should know about NMA:
    1-We aren’t just nonmembers. Lots of us are members (that include myself). We are just some guys who think that some members think they are the best only because they want to pay to play a online game, what doesn’t say if you are better or not than the ones who doesn’t want to pay. One great example is Watex (always a nonmember)and Mimo777, the most famous guys of CP are nonmembers (if you don’t count the mods).
    2-What if we were just nonmembers? It will make us less important?
    3-Oh, we are small! That is terrible! We have 100 comments in our join page, and you have, let me see… 9 comments. Oh, that much!
    4-I am saying that about what I think about MY army, and it doesn’t mean that I hate yours, and I will talk to A Duckie to see why he sundelly said this things to you. I must search trough you first to get my conclusions.
    5-Very important: We hate Elite because:
    1-They don’t have a nonmember uniform, so nonmembers cant join.
    2-At first they wanted to fight against all armies of CP and dominate it (a bit like ACP)
    3-I don’t have a problem with 77Ninja77, but he just can’t control his army
    6-Don’t erase this comment just because it is saying somethings not cool about you. If you do this, then we really are going to be mad at you.
    7-If we talk a little and you answer this comment, we can even be allies (really depending on what you and us do).

    Ktman: I am sad to say it but I am not liking you much already.
    Red Destoyz: You were saying we were small also this sint our amin page we have like 200 on our main.

  2. Ya know ive been wondering, how come we are enemies with ACP? what did they do?

    Ktman: ACP dictates innocent penguins on servers the claim they own and forces them to behave under ACP law.

  3. That is something I must agree with you. Why all the important servers are from ACP just bacause thay said so?

    Red Destoyz: And NMA leader says we r evil exactly my point from the begining sorta.

  4. ohhhhhhhh

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