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Hello rangers, this is 321fishpop here

as of now , CPR will have squadrens.  each squad will be led by an officer chose by me or Ktman

each squad will have at least 30 people. when you join, you will be placed in a squad. please do not request

a specific squad. this will lead to a demotion.

squads are:

Shark squad

Tundra Squad

Easy Squad

Alect Squad

Ice Squad

Gryphus Squad

Penguin Squad

X-Core Squad- the most dedliest, Elite unit, to join must show bravery on battlefield and is made up of officers

  signing out 321fishpop




11 Responses

  1. When will the squadrons be chosen?

    Ktman: i don’t know what they are.


    Red Destoyz: Ok

  3. how will we know?

  4. can there be a light a dark squad for the LCPR and DCPR

    Ktman: I’m not sure what you mean.

    Red Destoyz: There ia a squadron for X-corp but not Dark CPR and Light CPR can there be a squadron for that instead of two other squads on this list.

  5. How will we Know???????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I will gladly be part of this! Sounds like it might help us get more organized!

  7. will they be picked soon?

    Ktman: The next promotion day will be in early July.

  8. when will squads be chose??

  9. When will they be chosen!?!?

  10. Hi Fishpop
    How will you know the difference between the squads

  11. i think its a great idea

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