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Practice War: CPR Vs. UT/CPUN VP Results/Nachos Declare War On CPUN

Hello everyone!  This is Ktman posting to you live from the Ritz Carlton in Florida!  I am having a great time and I don’t have much time to post, but I did find time to give you some important information relating to the Club Penguin Rangers.  I will first talk about our newest practice war Vs. the the United Troopers.

Its time to get some great practice for are future battles, and on Saturday we will get some.  The CPR will be battling the United Troopers in a practice war that will let us Practice war stratigies, snowball throwing, and just having fun!  Here is the information for this battle.



For stratigies check out the Club Penguin Rangers website and head to the Attack Moves page.  Also stay on the Chat Box on the Chat page during the battle so we can talk with no moderators liminiting us to what we can say.  There is a possibility that I will be able to lead the battle, and I will make a post telling you whether I can or can not in the near future.

After all the voting campaegining and debating, only one penguin could be crowned as the Vice President of the Club Penguin United Nations.  This penguin, just happens to be me!  Thanks to all your votes, I have won the election for the VP in the CPUN.  Thank you all for voting and supporting me.  I will make sure that you all get the best treatment you deserve for being part of this fantastic community.

The Nachos, have recently declared war on the CPUN.  They have done this because they claim that about half of the armies in the CPUN have Nachos on there enemy list.  My army, in fact, does not but the because of this the Nachos will now be placed on the enemy list.  The CPUN wants to make peace (and I do too), but they currently want all the armies in the CPUN to follow these orders.

  • We patrol all CPUN servers
  • Fire on any Nachos
  • Emergency Chat meeting soon!
  • Any other conditions people want
  • Please follow all these commands.  Hopefully we can work this out betwenn the Nachos.



    CPR Supreme Commander

    CPUN Vice President


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