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New Newspaper!/CPIP Features Delayed Again/Play Sneak Peek

Lets kick this post up in to high gear with some talk about the issue of the Penguin Times!

The first article in the paper talks about an interview Penguin Times reporters had with the Penguin Band.  There is some cool information, but the best info is when the PB reveals that they will be preforming in a Club Penguin Music Festival at the Iceberg.  The Band encourages all penguins to form bands, solo groups, duets, or any type of music to preform at the Music Festival with the Penguin Band.  The Festival begins on July 25th and then heads all the way until July 30th.  Rock On!

The next page is another add for the Club Penguin Music Festival.  Get your bands together for some fun!

The next article gives all penguins the inside scoop on Penguin Mail, the new Club Penguin Improvment Project feature.  To find out more about the feature, type in “Penguin Mail” in this site’s search bar.  Also on this page is an article that talks about a rumor regaurding the Green Puffle in the Night Club.  DJs have said to have seen the Puffle slipping away to catch some fresh air.  Keep a look out!

Find out about the wonderful world of Club Penguin jobs in this week’s section of In Focus.  Its is a great way to find out what job is best for your penguin!

Ever wonder why Club Penguin is called “Club Penguin” or why the puzzles in the newspaper are so hard?  Check out Aunt Artic’s colum for great awnsers on real-life penguin’s question.

Learn about how to start a play or read a review on Rockhopper’s Visit in the weekly user submitted content pages.

Read some poems, solve some puzzles, read some comics, and learn some great jokes in the weekly Extras section.

Learn about many cool events in the Events section such as the new furniture catolog and the return of the play Squidizoid Vs. Shadow Guy And Gamma Girl.

Submit some of your own content in the Penguin Times on the Submit Your Content page.  You can write a review, stump us with a riddle, and even tell a joke.

And that cocludes are coverage on this week’s newspaper.  Lets now get to talking about the new CPIP feratures that are launching today!

Or not.  Actually, the four new Club Penguin Improvment Project features that where promised to be released today, are now postponed again to early next week.  This is because of a few major bugs that will take a few days to fix.  This is getting a tad annoying and I wouldn’t be surprised if we got yet another delay.  Though I will keep up hope, and try to trust the alminghty Billybob.

Now lets get to our last post subject, the new play sneak peek!  As always when a Club Penguin play goes for its second run, it always comes back with an updated script, new costume pieces, and a few new addition to the play’s set and the Switchbox 3000.  This play will be no exception with Billybob already giving us a small sneak peek of what will be changed on the set in Squidizoid Vs. Shawdow Guy And Gamma Girl’s second run.  On the top of this page you can see what I mean by comparing the orginal set of the play (the one on the right) to the smaller picture with a sneak peek of the play’s set (the one on the left).  The only visible changes seem to be the change of the monster’s feet (and possibly the whole monster) and a change of the billboard on top of the building.

See you soon!


P.S.  For CPR soldiers who don’t already know, please search Order 67 in this sites search bar and read the post about it.


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