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  • Welcome to the official website of the Club Penguin Rangers! This growing army, formed in 2007, is full of wonderful people, from our brilliant leaders to our brave and strong soldiers. Our main goal is to protect Club Penguin from the evil armies. The Rangers were created by 321fishpop, and were then commanded by Ktman. We believe that penguins deserve free will to do what they want without the hostile armies getting in the way, and to have fun snowball fights! Click HERE to join the Rangers!
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New Play!

The new play hit Club Penguin today and its fever has already spread through Club Penguin!  Everyone is dressed up like Shadow Guy and Gamma Girl and Squidizoid in honor of the new play “Squidizoid Vs. Shadow Guy And Gamma Girl.”  The plays plot is simple, a monster name Squidizoid attacks a city and Shadow Guy and Gamma Girl must stop him.  The Costume Trunk (A.K.A. The Costume Catolog) is full of great items such as super hero suits, a director’s cap, and even a cool city scape backround.  This play is a fun one to preform and I suggest you should go check it out on Club Penguin!


P.S.  I am cancelling Camp CPR for this Summer to do it running in to most things I have to do.  I will though, find a good Saturday to do a CPR Training Day which is just like CPR Camp but only for a day.


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