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The Return Of The Pirates/Practice Wars/Zippy’s Final Battle

The Return Of The Pirates

If you look on the “About Ktman” page you will see a mention about my old band The Pirates.  Sadly, the orginal Pirates have most likely quit Club Penguin and I can’t find them anywhere.  But today, I have an exciting announcement regaurding the mildly famed band.  The Pirates will be returning to the Club Penguin Music Festival with the help of you.  It will be sort of like a party.  Today, I will write an invitation to all penguins who want to join The Pirates and play with them at the Music Festival.  All you have to do is have a pirate outfit and a musical instrument and come and play.  More information will be given in the invite below.

Date: Monday, the 28th

Time: 12:00 PM Penguin Standard Time

Server: Tundra

What To Were: A Pirate costume and a musical instrument.

Practice Wars

I hope to see you all there.

The Club Penguin Rangers have two major Practice Wars coming up so we can be trained for Upcoming Wars.  Heres is the information about them both.

Royal Rumble Practice War

A Royal Rumble Practice War is a server wide event in which all the armies in the Club Penguin United Nations battle eachother in a thirty minute battle to become the biggest army on the server.  Last time, the CPR took a solid second place finish but I really want to win this time, so all CPR soldiers should please try their best to come to this Practice War.  The information below will give you a full understanding of the times and rules of this battle and where written by Itachi.


1. It’s an all around the server fight so feel free to go anywhere you want in the server.

2. the RRPW will be only 30 minutes

3. No teaming up

4. Every army for themselves!!!!

Time: 7:00 am pst (I know it’s early for most of you but try to make it cause Dee is awake at this time)

Where: Sabertooth Server!!!

Day: Sunday, the 27th (day after my birthday ( )

Good luck to everyone who comes!


P.S.- You can invite armies who arent in the CPUN to join us in the battle!

 Please come so we can all learn and have fun!

Zippy500, the famed leader of the Nachos is calling a non-real battle in honor of the old Nacho Generals and for himself, because this will be the last batlle he will ever fight.  The Nachos will be fighting with the UMA like they used to for this war, and the “enemy” will be everyone.  This is a monumental occasion and I would like all CPR to come in honor of the Nachos and Zippy.  The information is written below.

Alot has happened in the last 2 days. But we are finally clearing every thing up. Shadow is coming back and he will be bringing all our pages with him. SO thats some good news. So im getting to the point that this will be my final batle.

Server: Whitehouse

where: dojo
Time: Thursday 24th, 5:00 penguin standard time.

Teams and versus: Nachos and Uma vs All

See you all at the battles, and at the Music Festival.



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  1. I went to the battle.

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