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More WWIV Info/Gaining Territory

I have looked at the ACP site, and they have some criteria for conquering a server in the WWIV. Here it is:

  1. The conquering side must make a post on their main website stating the time and place for their invasion.
  2. The conquering side must gain dominance in that server and hold it for at least 15 minutes before it is officially theirs.
So, the Main Website for the Free World is the Acp site, so check there for the next server raid.
Also, I’ve been thinking, since we are now a fulltime army, not just to stop ACP, we need some servers, and a capital. Apparently ACP is trying to get us some, but I think that all the servers they conquer will be for the WWIV right now, and will just be Free World servers. So, if you would comment below on wat servers you want us to try and take, that could help the decision. Servers we conquer are not the same as servers conquered for the Free World. The invasions do not have to meet the WWIV criteria.

One Response

  1. I think klondike would be a good server. A low poulation, but is next to a major server. Im pretty sure no armies control it, before the update It was completely abandoned.

    Mr. Blubob: Ok, that would be good. I was thinking Tundra maybe, but Free World is thinking of invading, so Klondikes better

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