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Find The Missing Paper Boats/Rockhopper Returns/Team Blue’s Rally 2

Today was a great day in Club Penguin, and to start our coverage of it lests look at some news on the “Find The Missing Paper Boats” scavenger hunt.

The story goes that Rory (the famous construction worker) was trying to build a new Pirate Ship igloo, but when he was testing his boat designs he accidentally folded up his blueprints and the floated all over Club Penguin!  To find them, click on the big paper boat at the top of the right screen and follow the clues.  Then put the pieces of the blueprint back together like there supposed to go, and collect your prize!  A Blueprint backround! Happy hunting!

Rockhopper returned today in Club Penguin and his ship is looking great!  As always you can explore the four different rooms, buy some items from the Captain, and maybe even meet him!  In the Captain’s Quaters you can’t play the game Treasure Hunt because of a glitch but it will be back sometime during this week.  And heres a really sad note, there is postcard from stupid Bamadee on his wall!!!  Oh how I hate him so!!!!  There is also a cool free item to get, brown boots, and some items members can buy such as a Life Boat or a portrait of Rockhopper and Yarr.  Have a great time with the captain!

And now for the final news, the new play “Team Blue’s Rally 2.”  In this play Team Blue must battle the Red Team (oh yeah!) in a game of dodge ball.  Its a epic play with an epic story line, oh wait, I’m talking about a stupid Club Penguin play where they don’t even tell you who wins the stupid game of Dodge Ball!  I mean maybe you like it but this is by far my least favorite play.  The Costume Trunk catalog is cool, it has some cool cheering outfits and some team jackets and even some moose heads.  Enjoy it if you can!

HAPPY OLYMPICS!  GO USA! (no offense to you if you live in another country.)



4 Responses


  2. Awesome!


  4. lol- no i live in the usa. i luv the olympics. its my fav time ov the year. i LUV Micheal Phelps

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