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Club Penguin Rangers Improvment Project

In all the heat of this war and server claiming, I am afraid the CPR is becoming smaller and smaller because Club Penguin armies don’t seem to be about fighting in wars anymore.  So, to increase are soldiers and make this site better looking and more organized I am creating the CPRIP.  This project will be mostly behind the sences work but I will be giving you a few ideas of what we are going to do.

1. Every single page on this site will be deleted and rewritten with helpful pictures and easier to understand sentences by me.

2. The sites theme will possibly change, but we are defenatley getting a new header.

3. The CPR will become alot more fun, with concerts and special events.

4. The CPR will gain a single server as a base of operations.

5. The CPR will gain more organized and fair ranking system, we will also be replacing are senate with a military consil.

6.  And a few surprises!

Well, thats what we will be doing in this project.  All of these changes will launch at the same time about a month from now.  The CPR will carry on as usual untill then.



9 Responses

  1. Sir, i think we need another census. The only timt the senate have said anything since i joined has been the census(except for red spanial) and i think they are gone now. A lot of ppl have quit i think.we need to find out how small we really are.

    Ktman: I’m not doing this because this will be very discouraging if the results don’t turn out well. The Improvment Project will raise awarness.

  2. i’ve never heard of the ” club penguin ramgers ” but they sound really cool and i was wondering if i could somehow join?!

    Ktman: Welcome to the Rangers! Always check this site for Rangers news.

  3. ktman we should do a census but keep it confidential between u and me
    and i would like to help with the improvement project

  4. i think we should patrol a server on each page cos protecting 1 isnt that good so lets each choose a server i vote sherbert

  5. and red spanial went on holiday for a month a month ago lol

  6. i vote mittens

  7. as a server as i normally go on

  8. hey yal- wats up?right now im just talkin to my boi on the phone and i really got notin to do- so uhhh- talk to me

  9. ugh u want a server? how bout- um i dont kno- u guys pick one and ill go

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