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Todays Olympic coverage is on: Men’s Gymnastics.

Ok, so, USA made it to the finals. It was obvious that China would get Gold, but it was a race between us and Japan to see who got silver. In the final event for us, Pommel Horse, it seemed like we were gonna win. However, Kevin Tan got a 12.7, and it was obvious that we had lost Silver. After Raj i forget his last name got 13.7, we were prepared to lose Bronze, and all medals for the mens gymnastics, to Germany. However, Alexander Artemev, my personal favorite, managed to show us why he was on the team( besides Morgan Hamm dropping out). Pommel Horse is his best event, and he showed it, managing, with a spectacular performance, to pull us out of the rut and gain Bronze.

Here Are the Final Standings for Men’s Gymnastics:

Gold: China

Silver: Japan

Bronze: USA


Thats the Olympics for today! Blubob Out!


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