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itachi told me to tell u that ur invited to the special nacho only ( and special guest) meeting. heres the info


  • Saturday, August 30th
  • 4 est, 5 cst, 6 mst, 7 pst
  • Low Senate Meeting ( Any rank below or equal to General/Admiral/etc… )
  • I only need one other high rank to come.
  • Everything discussed their by NACHO TROOPS, will be moved to the High Senate so there is no need for higher ranks.
  • We will talk about: Land Grants, Server Governers, Server Protection, ACP ( lol, I know what you’re thinking, I thought it too ).
  • Special Guests ( If you’re a special guest please try to come, if you arent a guest you wont be allowed )- Ktman, Itachi6dark, Wii Mountain, Dee, Lots of Pie, Iceyfeet1234, Jackfrost573 ( I forgot your numbers )
nacho chat

6 Responses

  1. Ill come, I think i can come, it depends on supper.

  2. Oh, wait, that was from the nachos site, oops, I thought you wrote it ktman.

  3. blub next time you make a post you should sign off by putting ~Mr. Blubob at the end of the post so people know you wrote it.

  4. Yeah, I thought you were Ktman!

  5. Ok, sorry, it used to say who it was by, then we changed the site

  6. can i come? i need to introduce my army, the U.E.C.P.S or ultimate elite club penguin swat.im the general of the army.can i come??
    ninja09-penguin name
    im a member of the cpr too! look at ranks!

    Ktman: I’m not sure if you can come. The Nachos only invited major small army figures and I’m not sure if your army is well enough known. I say you should ask them.

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