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My Final Battle

I have attended the Nacho Meeting.  I have negotiated with the Dark Warriors.  The next phase of my retirement comes to my final battle.  This battle will be my salute to the world of Club Penguin armies and how much i have and still do enjoy them.  A lot of the armies in the Club Penguin United Nations will be attending the battle and even the Nachos have said they will come.  But, we still will welcome any armies or people who want to come.  If you or your army wants to come simply fill out the form below.

Penguin Name:



Why would you like to attend Ktman’s final battle?:

Even armies who said they will come should fill out this form.  We will wait a couple of days for armies to tell me that they are coming and then I will do a random drawing by putting the names of all the armies in a hat.  As the armies are picked they will either be a 1 or a 2.  These are the two teams for the war.  Information for the battle will be given when all the armies are registered and randomly drawn.  We hope you can attend!



20 Responses

  1. is it gonna be cpr and rr vs. everyone, like u said?

  2. colleen man
    acp and cpr
    kg007 and ktman2
    to help ktman to win his last battle and take over cpr

    Benu2:What do you mean by tanking over CPR? You mean be leader? Ktman decideds who’s the leader when he retires.If you mean something different Please explain.

  3. Will be a battle to never forget.

  4. I will film the whole thing

  5. can i join

  6. Penguin Name:Benu2



    Why would you like to attend Ktman’s final battle?:Because Ktman is a good leader and I want to honor him a he retires.

  7. dang, all our ppl r gonna fight with their own armies… we gonna hav no ppl!!! i really hope rr is helping…

  8. hi ktman. i just heard. im sorry i couldntcome earlier. i came back from a two week vacation in vancouver. im sad to hear your retiring. i promise to make the cpr twice the army we are.

  9. hey i love your site so i found this other site everyone check it out its awsome it is http://www.clubpenguin-tipssecrets.blogspot.com it rocks!! o and by the way i like your site if u like the blog can u put it on your blog roll? Plzzzzz

  10. what can i do to convince you to stay??

  11. Itachi6dark
    Red Raiders
    Itachi6dark 😆
    I’ve been around since ktman’s beginning. I want to be at Ktman’s end too.

  12. You know the Nachos are coming…

  13. Purpur5222

    Dark Slayers Federation


    well for the month i’ve known ktman on cp he was really nice and i dont want to miss his final battle.

  14. hey Ktman can i start an army? i knowim in the CPR but its a a weird idea for me. let me tel u the name

    CPMC=Club Peguin Maine Corp


    Ktman: Yes you can.

  15. Ktman!! Urgent must read!! ACP is caiming that they own Mammoth. If this is true ok. If not, suggest that we go to war…i mean a battle will not settle who has a server.


    Benu2:ACP had mamoth as their capitalsince they started.

  16. ooooo ok thanks. o and by the way r the6y allies? or enimies? cause i need to know fr the CPMC. website name: cpmcclubpenguinmarinecorp.wordpress.com

  17. Hey Ktman, could you come to my site and maybe give me a few pointers?


  18. they r allies, takashiemiko

  19. ok thx Mr Blubob. O and Ktman im working on the Chat page as finish this coment iv got the box all ineed is the page. thx for the tips.

    P.S. the link to the box is: http://xat.com/Kosciusko


  20. hey Ktman, should i be CPR or CPMC since CPMC has no ppl and CPR does u decide cause its ur battle.


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