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Your Life

I remember when I first found Club Penguin.  I was simply stunned, amazed!  A game so interactive, where you could talk to people all around the world?  The concept was unhear of.  There where games to play, clothes to wear, friends to meet, and seeminly endless things you could say or do.  But then, after a couple months of playing for fun, I found a brand new world. Armies.  The ACP, UMA, Nachos and all the rest.  Fighting in snow ball fights was pretty fun, but most of these armies revolved around organized web pages with chats, and supposebly servers that belonged to them.  I loved the concept so I joined the UMA.  Then the UMA was almost gone for good, squashed out by the ACP in battle, so I swithched to another army, the ACP.  I ran for a job in the High Senate though I wasn’t voted for at all, so I left the world of armies for a while.  But then, seemingly out of the blue, an ambitious penguin came to me.  His name, 321Fishpop.  He urged me to lead an army he created, the Club Penguin Rangers. i accepted and soon i was leading an army of my own.  From this point on it is all history.  I was thrown into the world of Club Penguin armies and whirled around with countless other friends and enemies around me.  I gained fame and power over the time and, a great load of people along the way.  But then, one Summer day, I grew bored and tired of Club Penguin.  It was very odd to not like Club Penguin one day, not really caring about the servers, people, places, armies, games, and the rest.  So, I stepped outside…

The secenery was amazing!  There where colors of all kinds, Blues! Yellows!  Greens, reds, oranges, purples, and all the rest.  Some of those colors though where faint why others where BOLD!  I looked down my street and saw the houses aliened in a jaggidy rows, and the street which carved between them.  The trees where covered in beautiful leaves that glistened against the beautiful sun. And oh the Sun!  Shining orange and  a dark yellow brightening up this world we call home.  White clouds stained against a beautiful sky blue,  I took in the world around me and it made me relize…


We can not simply sit at our computers all day, typing and clicking away.  Though Club Penguin is great and good fun, we need to get out in our world and live our lives.  We live in a world that absolutely needs the coming generation that will dominate the world, to really turn our planet’s future around and make it a better place for us, our parents, our children, and their children too.  You need to go out there every once and a while and live your life.  You only have one.



15 Responses

  1. 1 commet

  2. Claps. Wow. The Best Final Post EVER! You are right Ktman, You cant spend your life on Club Penguin.

  3. ktman, u r amazing! ur right, tho, but im trying to fit it in, until i cant no more. wheres ur ktman and friends chat, btw?

    Ktman: Its coming soon. Don’t worry.

  4. ok, good
    and im probely gonna keep doing cp until i get to the point where i need to start thinking about what i wanna go for in high school. Once i get there, its gonna be major studying ahead, and ill be ready to move on, i think.

  5. Im gonna wait till im fifteen, like Wwe Adam, and like Rocketsnails desired original age limit. Anyways by then I will likley get teased for playing a Disney Game.

  6. Thanks Ktman your an awesome leader. Will you change the ranks or pick a leader? Probably Blubob, or fishpop.

    Ktman: It will be both of them.

  7. cool

  8. Hey guys anyone want to join our brother army the RED RAIDERS. They are on blogroll.

  9. im very sorry to have to see you leave. we have been like parents. nutering caring and working for our army.

  10. Whoa *Claps* This did make me realise That .. we Cant just sit at our computers all day clicking and typing , and ino club penguin is FUN but You Only Have 1 life and uve gotta make the most of it , And Plus .. If you sit at Your Computer screen playing club penguin or Something But If You Next go to the Eye Checking thing If You Get Most of the questions wrong like wich ones the fuzziest and that You Might Have To Wear Glasses .. So Thanks Ktman You Made My day with that story . Thanks a dozen!

  11. So From Now on .. Im Only Going to Go on Club Penguin RARELY And I MEAN Rarely so like 5 minutes every month

  12. So… Goodbye Computer !!! GoodBye CLub Penguin . CYA GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. So Ktman, this is the last we will here from you for a while? Im gonna miss you.

    Ktman: I’ll be on. But this is the last time I do much for the CPR for a while. I am still doing things in the CPUN.

  14. aww man ktman i finally can get on to the cpr site(i couldnt cuz of this glitch on my computer) and now i cant meet u in cp, Ive always wanted to meet you, and wow dude that was a very mature speech

    Ktman: I’m still around CP. I can meet you at any time good for you.

  15. thank you

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