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RPF invasion times:

Starting at: Tuxedo Boilor Room

Date: 9/21/08

Time: 10:00 pst

10:00 pacific

11:00 mountain

12:00 central

1:00 eastern

7:00 UK

RR, Nachos, ACP, IW and others are invading RPF’s servers today. Who are we with? So if we go with RPF we be out numbered 2 to 1. If we go with everyone else we would most likely win.  RESPOND BY 10:30 PST or it’s to late! 

Benu2  😎


14 Responses

  1. I say if we protect RPF we could win.

  2. Guys, it either we lose fighting with the RPF, or win with the Nachos, IW, and ACP. I’m not sure about UMA. Anway, I think you should go with Nachos, ACP , and IW because the Nachos are the only army that ever cared for us. Fight for them.

  3. True but earlier most people (me, articsledder) sided with RPF. I’ll wait for more responces.

  4. i would go for rpf

  5. so i pick rpf

  6. I would go for nachos. They actually care about us. The only problem is I cant come.

  7. Just to let you guys know. On RPF’s side it’s WW, FGR, BB, TRA, and some others so don’t think it’ll be easy fighting RPF.

  8. i cant go

  9. we should fight with rpf because if we fight with acp theyll fight and we wont have a chance to and if we fight with rpf we can show acp whos boss cause every one in cpr never gives ground inles overwelmed

  10. Well, yeah ACP doesnt seem to really care about us. I mean remember when we claimed klondike, but instead of letting us keep it they said it was a land grant? ACP is taking all the glory for making the biggest allience ever. I think it might be better to go on Niether’s side, and use this as a chance to get some servers. We could invade some of RPF’s servers, but not help ACP.

  11. I am saying ACP, because nachos are always really nice to us, and acp has become a good ally.

  12. theres no war they made a treaty

  13. theyre trying to invade tuxedo? well, i better go spy RPF’s

  14. well i choose rpf and i say its a go.

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