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Hello everyone. At the meeting we decided we will invade four servers. Those are Fjord, Wool socks, Crystal, and Vinilla.  We are hoping for next Sunday at 1 PST.  If you aprove Fishpop comment on this post.  This will be big for us, two of those servers are very high in population. At the meeting we also decided we will have some more PW’s and an election for senate.


Benu2: Also, My army the union is invading Thermal, if CPR can help I would like that. For more info go to Union158.wordpress.com ! The union will change from White House to only thermal.



14 Responses

  1. k

  2. Ok you guys. Vanilla belongs to USRPF and White House is the nacho capital, I suggest you find other servers to invade but make sure they don’t belong to any major armies.

    If you do not I will be alerting RPF and Nachos about this.

    Benu2: I’ve found no Nachos in White House for when I’ve been there.

  3. i dont approve that we will invade 4 servers because cpr is small, we can invade them one by one. if we will invade 4 servers,we need help on red raiders,union army,and mythbusters. note:reply

    Benu2: We are trying to get bigger by invading these servers.

  4. We will have help and most of these servers are army free.

  5. i approve. GO GO GO!!!!

  6. Benu I will take this up with you on your blog. As for vanilla I still urge you to find a different server, because RPF will deafend it and I highly doubt CPR wants a war with RPF.

  7. maybe my army,U.E.C.P.S will help invade the 4 servers note:reply

  8. Well we really dont want war with RPf, so maybe we should do Klondike instead.

  9. You’re really looking for war with RPF and Nachos? Invading Fjord and White House is almost certainly going to make the Nachos kick you out of their Commonwealth. And it will make Shadow regret helping you…

  10. acyually, Fjord is already ours. ACP moved us there after they decided they needed our server klondike, which we owned first, they moved us there. 😦

  11. Lol so ACP moves small armies from servers they want to other big army’s servers? That’s like you having a server and ACP wants it so they move you to Tundra without consulting RPF, WW, BB. But isn’t it surprising that ACP did that (sarcasm)?

  12. Fjord is shared by Nachos and CPR. Shadow said that himself on a Nacho meeting. White House belongs to Nachos and Vanilla belongs to RPF. I don’t think CPR is ready to take on more servers. It got smaller since Ktman left and now I suggest you stick to one and when you grow bigger move one. That’s what I did with RR.


    P.S.- If you’re going to take my suggestions I also suggest you have all your soldiers patrol that 1 server 10 min a day.

    P.S.S.- Extreme if you haven’t noticed Shadow retired/quit and is never coming back (not even chats)!

    Benu2: Possibly we could patrol because me, artic, and Mr. blubob need to arrange the servers.
    We aren’t ready yet.

  13. Yeah that’s sad. Shadow was a good person…

  14. I said no fjord, benu!

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