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More Changes….

More stuff that we did and didn’t say meeting here.

1.Patrol: We will take itachi6dark’s idea and patrol our servers but we will have to have Regiments. It’s smaller than a division only 2 squads.

2. Squads: The squads may come back to CPR. Though we will have Regiments that’s 2 squads together.

3. Reporting Page: Were anyone can report wars that happen on it!

4. Medals: If you are on CP and you recruit and stop an army while nobodys there we’ll give you a medal. Also, many other stuff you can do for medals.

Server Invasion

We will invade the following servers:

1.Snow Fort  2.Crystal 3. No longer Fjord, lets find another 4. Now instead of Vanilla: Snow Shoe.  Now we should invade Klondike to get our server back from ACP  If The two leaders approve of this it will be a go.

Club Penguin Rangers Democratic -Republic Act of Fall 2008

We wil be electing Senate soon but first we need to recruit more people. Though Enter now and fill out this form:

1 Club Penguin Name:

2 Why you want to run for senate:

Benu2~ 😎



8 Responses

  1. Sounds Good.

  2. I would join the senate but I like staying as a noob better 8) XD

  3. 🙂

  4. hey ktman! i was the one who made the idea that we will patrol our servers! not itachi!

    Benu2: Itachi has been patroling servers for his whole army career and he said we should do it for a few months now.
    P.S. Ktman isn’t writing these posts Me, Mr Blubob, Articsledder or 321fishpop are. I wrote this one.

  5. yeah see i wrote it

  6. Now, guys we need to hold a practice war vs. some army that I really don’t care who it is. You guys need to stay active and strong.

  7. I will talk to the nachos.

  8. maybe we should have a practice war with UT?

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