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my first post! the sleet empire! one of the enemies of cpr!

well! this is my first post! so anyways, i have something to tell you. my classmate was the maker of SE! dont be mad! because we’re having a plan to make cpr stronger!

Ninja09: dont be mad pliz! 🙂

Artic: Ninja, your site is in danger. Turtleking99, has become a hacker. He tried to destroy my site, he banned my penguin, and hes said hes going to delete your site soon!

Ninja09:arctic,he deleted my site. arctic,if you see turtleking99,say to him:im gonna kill you and your account!


11 Responses

  1. Im confused.

  2. Ninja if you don’t explain yourself moe throughly I am going to kick you as an author from this site.

  3. I came because I saw CPR has a new enemy but when I saw this post I got confused. Your a great author Ninja! XD

  4. Dee! Come and read this!

  5. What the…… What is this I don’t get it.

    A Wondering Benu2 😎

  6. The Enemies are making CPR Stronger ?!?! I Really Am Confused


  8. when im talking to my classmate, he said he was the maker of SE? i dont know but he’s a secret penguin who works on club penguin

  9. WHAT ARE YOU SAYING!?!?!?!?!?!?
    -sincererly fishpop

  10. Ok, hes saying that his classmate made the SE and they are trying to plan stuff. I think Ninja should be our embassoder for SE.

  11. arcticsledder, my site has been deleted by turtleking aka stupidking99. i made a new and cooler site protected by my secret software

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