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Vote Me For ACP

Hello CPR.  I am running for senator and judge in the latest ACP election.  Though the voting hasn’t started yet please go to my website and check out my speech right here.  Thanks.

Soldiers of the ACP and other armies, citizens of Club Penguin, the world of Club Penguin armies is chaging rapidly.  Old and great leaders retire and new ones come in.  New servers are gained.  Smaller armies pop up by the dozen in a seemingly endless pattern.  But, change is not always a bad thing.  Recently a new age was founded into the ACP when Kg007 retired and Shaboomboom became the new leader along with his co leaders Boomer20 and Abercrombie29.  Thus new leaders, a new senate and court system was announced for ACP.  And just a short while after it was announced I announced that I would be apart of this campaign.  The reason: because I want to bring my own ideas into the voters minds along with the new leaders.  The ACP has been led by the same people for a long time, with the same people dominating the senate.  The reason I joined this election is to bring a fresh face to army politics.  Fresh or old though, why me above any other senate candidate.  I can not tell you what I will vote for when i become a senator because these issues have not yet been raised.  But I will tell you what I will do not matter what situations arise.  I will always be nice and fair to all penguins who come to me.  I will always listen to each case word for word and I will always vote in the name of the ACP soldier.  I will not vote to look good in front of army leaders or my friends.  I will only vote for the ACP soldier who really cares about the issues at hand.  I will also be running to be an ACP judge.  When I get this position I will be making verdicts on the crimes ACP members commit.  All of my verdict will be fair towards the penguin on trial.  I will also make decisions that once again benefit ACP and Club Penguin at large.  All of my verdicts will protect the ACP soldier from any harm this penguin may bring.  This election is not about me.  Its about you.  Its about bringing a penguin who can truly represent and deliver to the DRACP.  I truly believe I can do this and I hope you do too.



2 Responses

  1. Go KtMaN!!!!!

    Hacker font 🙂

  2. lol

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