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Well, War is out, its ACP VS  UMA, Nachos RPF and Ice Warriors.  So which side shall we choose?




7 Responses

  1. ALLIES!!!

  2. ACP

  3. What happened to the other comments?

  4. Yeah where is ,ine. UMA (allies)

  5. I AM SAYING THAT WE WILL HELP THE ALLIES AGAINST ACP! I am sorry to go against u, Ktman, since ur in acp, but UMA is allies, RR is allies( seeing as itachi leads UMA and RR im guessing they will help UMA, lol) and ACP has been very annying recently, and we have overwhelmeing odds in our favor if we fight against ACP, and, this is my one selfish reason, all the othr armies im in are against ACP, and WW demotes if u fight against them. I am going to call an official meeting of the top 3 positions to decide a vote.

  6. i said rpf

  7. Apparently, someone deleted the allies’ supporters’ comments.

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