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Ok, We will be helping THE ALLIES! of the three votable rankst that showd up, all voted for allies.

Also, fishpop has been officially impeached, and i am conducting an investigation on WHO changed the comments on arctic’s post. I dont wanna unjustly accuse ppl, but the evidence points to Ktman, as the only one for ACP. we will have a large investigation.

Also, I ammaking a rank switch. Benu is now 2nd in command, arctic is third. Arctic, u a good soldier, but u have been less activ than i would like recently, and benu hasnt.


7 Responses

  1. My family was on vacation, thats why I was inactive

  2. I promise do you guys i did not delete the comments on the post. They where there orginally and I came back and they where gone. Maybe its a glitch because it happened on my old site of Mythbusters too.
    Mr. Blubob: Ok, Ktman, i will take ur word for it, cuz i trust u. But, just be warned, even tho u probably are telling the truth, if u try ANYTHANG, to sabotage us, or put us at a disadvantage to the enemy, i will have to dispel u from the army, even though i would rather not.

  3. oh

  4. http://cpp1.wordpress.com/

  5. I totally understand Mr.Blubob and you would be right for doing so.

  6. ACP civil war happening

  7. Where is everyone?!?!?!?!?!?!

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