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hello everyone and happy new years.

among the new years resolutions i have i think that it is importnat to note that as an army we need to respect one another.  ACP crumbled becuase soldiers didnt get along with one another.  Even if we dont agree with each other we should still show respect towards oneantother.  CPR may be a small army but we still stick together and respect each other.  As long as we dont quarrel among ourselves we can be a productive war machine.  We ahve formed friendships through this army and hopefully we will gain many more.  To all CPR members, it has been my greatest pleaseure working with you. -321fishpop



6 Responses

  1. clap[ clap

  2. NEW POST MUST READ!! http://www.cparmyalliance.wordpress.com

    This concerns the the war you agreed to

  3. Bravo!! NICE post. We DO need to get along.

  4. We have some new recruits….

  5. Hey, alright im back. let me explai where i went. first i moved and did not have internet except at libray, i went to my dads in december, cam back and found out my mom got internet and cable. then i was able to get on. u might be wondering how i still got all the party stuff, well i trusted one of my good friends Leblonk who i know in real life to get on for me at her house. so thats my story.


  6. Yay! Takashiemiko is back!

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