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I quit all Armies(Excpet UMA and RR)

Benu2:Sorry I forgot to post this a while ago.


Well I have decided to retire all armies that are not as important as UMA or RR. Those I am big ranks in and I cant leave it. I will continue to work for the CPUN and go on ACP chat to check in but other wise Im done. I barely have time for those armies do to School, Karate, Scouts and other stuff too. So I will thank some people in the armies im giving up.


 Boomer- You were a great leader and without you ACP would be nothing!

Ankita- You inspired me to join the ACP and also ACP wouldnt be anything too!

Shab- You solved tons of problems on the chat like when the hacker Idsi banned all the members you made everything right. ACP always will needs you.

 Rapidy- You were a good friend on chat and made ACP always cheerful!

Kookie Gawd(KG)- Without you chat would be very very dull. And Many others…….


Lot of Pie- You made me keep going always and made me get through the ranks fast.

Troopx:Thanks for making UT what it was. Good friend!

CPR: Ktman- You got me into armies in CP for the first time so I thank you.

Mr. Blubob- Good Soldier and friend!

And countless other armies…………….

Also here are some multi- armies friends that have left or Im leaving……..

Ennbay- You made me stick to RR and help me into ACP I thank you.

 Agent- You were a good friend to hang out with sorry about Elites….


6 Responses

  1. I’ll be glad to help with this site. I believe my brother, Color Peng, has a rank here. I’m here to help out.


  3. Fish Im to busy with RR and UMA I dont have time for CPR

  4. ok good luck in all your exploits

  5. @~~~~~~~~~~~~ N000bs Except fishpop and ktman and everybody else ,, just benu2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@

  6. lmfao jokes benu2

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