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Im back/Invasion of the golds

Hi, Its Artic.  I just cant watch CPR fall like this. So, Im taking action. First off, Here is a new, More recent uniform.



Non member:

Now, the Ranks.  As of now, I am clearing all of the ranks.  To get a rank, Comment. Those who were ranked will get there ranks back, or a promotion depending on who commented.

Leader: 321fishpop

2nd in Command: Articsledder

Head general:

—————–Owner line———————–



——————Mod Line——————












3 Responses

  1. can i get a rank

  2. Arctic. It. Is. Over.

    That sounds really mean, I know, but CPR has ended a long time ago. Now it seems like it has ended for real. You are only one on in a while.

    All CP armies have ended. The people that started them are gone, the people who had fun with them are gone, the people who are there now run it differently. Maybe they can have fun with it, but I sure can’t. And I think many others can’t too. All the awesome people have left; all my Cp friends are gone. It is one of the saddest things, but it has happened.

    Here are the options. Get people, and the fun, back, or leave. I go for the first option if anyone with power can help me, but otherwise, I am gone.

  3. Can i get a rank please ? 😀

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