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Without A Plan I Return

Ktman: Tonight I will shceadule a meeting to discuss the future of the CPR.  I feel it is needed.

Artic:   Im not sure who will get what rank, we might talk about it at the upcoming meeting, but here are the active people:  Ktman, Articsledder, coolkid4040, ninja1215, and Michealb3557, and takeshiemmiko

Today, I announce my one month return to the Club Penguin Rangers.  I will lead this army as I once did, without a plan.  I will simply lead, fight when I need to, hold PWs and see how this goes.  The only thing I can assure you is this army will thrive again.  Tonight recruitment begins and I know where to start.  You will see the fruits of my labor soon and this army will be back.


9 Responses

  1. 🙂

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    -Luhy :mrgreen:
    P.S. Please help us with our goal of 200,000 views!

  3. Sweet, Im ready to help along with my ACP dutys.

    Takasheimiko, RANGERS LEAD THE WAY again!!!

  4. I am glad that the CPR is back!

  5. I’ll put you in a Practice War right away.

  6. Hello cpr! Im commenting on the behalf of cpra! We want to offer you a deal! If you agree to merge into us we will give you and your soldiers fare ranks, and bring you that much closer to being a major army! CPRA is currently the 10th largest cp army so merging would be a great choice for you! Please comment on http://www.cpraarmy.com to accept or decline our offer!

    Artic: Im sorry, but CPR has been through to much to just join another army.

  7. We understand your decision.

  8. Dont comment on my site again ktman!

  9. Guess what ktman your sites suck to espeshily mythbusters and you can stop being so mean and I I I will destroy you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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