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Active Count

Hey soccerfan8/newcastle18 here

just to see if anyone is around here i would like an active count

no we are not dead, im going to pull this army up and do some recuiting after this active count

1. CP Name or xat name

2. CPR rank

3. Are you active?


1. Newcastle18

2. Head General

3. Yes


Rangers Lead The Way



8 Responses

  1. 1. Newcastle18

    2. Head General

    3. Yes


  2. Im around to help.

  3. 1.kingjared7
    2.5 star general

  4. 1. GPH136

    2. 3 Star General

    3. Yes

  5. 1.totheconner
    2. 4th star general

  6. Hello, well actualy, I shoudn’t be saying hello, more like OMG…..
    Why, my much treasured army ”the fighting irish” is dying out, there are barely any active troops in an army with around 23 members, it’s terrible, please help, it would meen the world to me!
    Not Irish? It dosent matter, anyone can join!
    Just visit…


    NOW! Just kidding, but I’m realy in desperate need, I need troops so badly ill probably be spending half my evening sending this same message on lots of other cp blogs, thanks for your time….
    Do the right thing….

  7. […] Recuiting time 4 08 2009 Don’t forget to comment on the active post! https://cprclubpenguinrangers.wordpress.com/2009/07/29/active-count/#comments […]

  8. […] Active Count […]

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