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The following post is to Ktman:

I do not know if you are reading this, or if you ever will read this.  While checking up on the ACP website, I noticed your name appeared more often.  I want to commend you on how fast you moved up in the ranks of one of the largest armies in Club Penguin.  I’m sure you will make a positive impact on ACP, like you did here.

I was reading your retierment posts, and I admired for the first time your wisdom.  You are certainly an inspiration to alot of people, in the CPUN, the ACP, and of course here at the Rangers.  Our soldiers have always looked up to you as a charismmatic leader, a Leonidas to the Spartans, a Eisenhower to the Normandy Invasion force. You are a great leader.

I remember when I proposed the idea of an army.  I had witnesssed the “Watex Wars”, the war between the famouse blogger, Fever/ Watex, who had rivaled Mimo777’s fame.  I thought that leading an army would bring fame to us.  I brought it up on the Mythbuster site ( which I now have plans of continuing ) and I was pleased to see your enthusiasm. 

I remember when our army had grew, and though we weren’t huge, we had outgrown the “noob army” stage.  With loyal and brave soldiers such as Red Destoyez, Red Spanial, and others, I had felt like Club Penguin was my oyster.  We had become a thorn in the side to larger armies, and we had commanded their respect.  They were the glory days.

Lastly, I would like to make a request.  I understand that you have many obligations to ACP, and that being an officer of your rank is a demanding job, I would like to ask you to return.  I do not need you to return full time, but to help and to bring your charisma to the army would allow it to grow again.  By starting the CPR again, we can go back to the old days and become a gloriuose army again.

So what do you say?



2 Responses

  1. I say yes to this, I would like to see on chat soon as well.

  2. when is a good time for you?

    Ktman: What time zone are you in? If its est anything after 5 PM is good for me.

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