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Double Topic Post

Topic One- recruiting. 

To get of this slump, we need more and more recruits.  As a general rule of thumb, for every ten you recruit on club penguin, 2 will remain loyal, and 1 will visit the site.  However, the chances of someone who visits the site to stay loyal are a lot higher.  Advertising the site on cpr may get you banned, so make a quick useless account.  Go to populated places such as the town or cove, and say SEARCH CLUB PENGUIN RANGERS.  Try to say that as much as possible. 

Second topic- ktman

Ktman has recently been demoted from second to third place in ACP.  He has left the army and has returned to CPUN.  The charges on ktman are innactivity.  Personaly, i find ktman is a great guy, and a great leader, but inactivity can not e tolerated.  Of course, i will give Prior warning, but please try to check up on the site regularly, so that i dont have to replace you. 

ktman- this is for you.  I understand that the ACP has treated you unfairly, and please do not be angered by the post above.  I needed to show what happens to people who are inactive (More a of a way to show what injustice actually and how friends will always stab you in the back if powers involved.).  I am willing to give you first command of the cpr



2 Responses

  1. The problem is Fishpop I actually wasnt that inactive. I was writing a post for the site as they where deciding to demote (alot of irony their). I just hate and find it stupid when a backstabber such as Dryvit says I’m inactive every singel soldier agreed with it. Friends called me a bad leader. Hopefully I can get a position at CPA Central but this whole ordeal was a shocking and hard way to see how internet friends are not true.

  2. im sorry about using you as a example, but i needed to show that this can happen to anyone

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