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  • Welcome to the official website of the Club Penguin Rangers! This growing army, formed in 2007, is full of wonderful people, from our brilliant leaders to our brave and strong soldiers. Our main goal is to protect Club Penguin from the evil armies. The Rangers were created by 321fishpop, and were then commanded by Ktman. We believe that penguins deserve free will to do what they want without the hostile armies getting in the way, and to have fun snowball fights! Click HERE to join the Rangers!
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Edit 10/8: Those who commented on sign up list are on the ranks and are showen as active untill the next active count. Godspeed.

Today I would like to bring to your attention a persistent problem that continues through the Club Penguin Armies.  The main powers in the Community Of Club Penguin Armies is the Rules of Engagment (or ROE) set by the larger and more powerful armies with more influence over CPUN and other orginazations.  Generally accepted rules such as not engaging non combatants during wars are common sense, however, rules regarding declaring war on weaker armies are ridiculouse.  Also, rules regarding leadership are ridiculouse at best.  For instance, ACP has repeatedly blasted Icey, the leader of Ice Warriors, acuusing him of leading a dictatorship, in an army he created.  While ACP claims to be a democracy, they are a group of misguided, corrupt fools.  Has it ever occured to you that ACP’s best eras occured under a Sole, powerful, leader?  Boomer and Oaglethorp, though the CPR were at war with ACP during their reign, were strong willed and powerful leaders. 

On behalf of all CPR, I no refuse to take part in ROE set by any other army other than the Club Penguin Rangers.

-321 Fishpop



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