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Tonight, in order to make oursleves knows again throughout the CP Army world, we will attend the battle tonight between ACP and IW.

We will be fighting alongside the IW, however not as allies.   Remember to wear red.  We will use this time to recruit and fight ACP.  This is a formal decleration of war on ACP.

Try to attend, however, i understand that this is short notice.  If you can make it, by all means please do so.

When: Sunday, October 10th


Server: Klondike (if Klondike is full, outback)

Rooms: The underground (start at the Boiler Room)


Times –

Penguin/Pacific: 12:00 Noon

Mountain: 1:00 PM

Central: 2:00 PM

Eastern: 3:00 PM

UK: 8:00 PM


Invasion of Down Under

Date: Saturday, October 16th


Server: Down Under

Room: Underground (place will be given on http://xat.com/theacp)


Penguin/Pacific: 11:00 AM

Mountain: 12:00 Noon

Central: 1:00 PM

Eastern: 2:00 PM

UK: 7:00 PM



6 Responses

  1. Why didn’t I read about this earlier? I will post about your return in the CPUN later on this week. Do you know how many people in the CPUN have idolized the name ‘CPR’ and ‘Red Raiders’ throughout the years? Each dedicated person in the CPUN has read about you! I am in support. Welcome back. Thanks for commenting Fishpop, you’ll be a Hall of Famer. 😉

  2. If I would have checked the site earlier I would have came.I was there as IW because im a IW senator/Head Major.

  3. “Tonight, in order to make oursleves knows again throughout the CP Army world, we will attend the battle tonight between ACP and IW.”

    I miss seeing plans like this. Go out there and make yourselves well-known to the CP Army World. Sadly, a lot has changed during the past couple of years and the CP Army World is different. Lies, cheating, bots, and other forms of scams are being used by even small armies. Some armies get more spot-light than others. But there was once a time when small armies had the heart and put effort into raising their armies.

  4. Sadly, your right Dee. The “good ol’ days” of CP Army warfare are gone, and most likeley will never come back. Curruption and hacking have taken their toll.

  5. There are few people with the heart to raise their armies nowadays and get to know their people well. Corruption has germinated the entire place. 😐

    I saw your name on the bottom of a picture in the CPA Central site. The picture of the soldiers in the IW Chat during the ACP vs IW? Yeah I saw your name below.

    Are you in the IW now? 🙂

  6. Yeah, I have been involved in IW lately, just as a a way to get reintegrated to CP Warfare. I think IW is one of the best Armies and has alot of potential, and I think that if they continue to recruit, they could soon equal ACP. IW’s only problem is a lack of discipline. Icey has his soldier’s support, but I think Articsledder is better with tactics.
    If you would be so kind to tell the CP Army Community that we are trying to make a comeback, that would be great. Also, would you accept a temperary general position. We currently are looking for people to fill nessecary positions, and I am not keen on handing out high ranks to any random person who join CPR.

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