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Operation Red Dawn Updates. Purely Buisness. ALL CPR MUST COMMENT

FISHPOP EDIT:  I just edited the uniforms page, so be sure to check it out.  You need to scroll all the way to the bottom, as certians pictures are farther away from each other than should be.  If anyone could fix that, that would be great. 

I am still in the first stage of Operation Red Dawn.  At this current rate, I believe that the Site should be fully updated in under a month’s time.  Today I have edited the CPR Nation page and made a few updates.  I will begin deleating comments as well, as they take up space.  I want the sight to have a fresh, new face, but I do not want to create a new one.

Meanwhile, I am having trouble filling in key positions such as government postions and military ranks.  Takashimeko, Kingjared, and Soccorfan, if you are available for any of these roles, comment and I will assign you your role.  Artic, in an earlier comment, you said you are willing to help out, but I understand that you have alot on your plate with IW.  If you can fulfill this role, it would be great for you to go in as Commander alongside me, both in government and as Ranks. 

Also, all people who are active, please comment on this post.  By commenting, I assume that you check the sight daily for updates and are available to attend CPR functions.  I need this information so I can edit the ranks page and hand out new postitions. 

One last thing- If you edit a post, please sign off, so we know who edits it.

As always, Rangers Lead the Way!

-321fishpop, Commander in Chief, CPR


2 Responses

  1. this is ninja7 h and I’m active!

  2. We should also invade other servers

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