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Problems I have with ACP, Recruiting Session

Next sunday CPR will be having a recruiting session on Mammoth.  (Yes, I know ACP claims it is their server, but they claim every server.  I don’t really care what ACP says anymore.  Heck, I never did to begin with.)

By the way, that reminds me, do any of you care what ACP says or does?  Becuase really, how credible d you honestly think such a corrupt entity can actualy be?  Most likely, not a whole lot.  ACP uses large sizes and intimidation to screw over others into giving in to their idiotic requests (I mean demands.)  They are simply a large bully fraught by internal problems.  Ever since Ktman was sacked by the scheming, corrupt leaders of ACP, how long has ACP had a good, strong, single leader?  Not long.  Another question:  How long does each leader last?  A couple of months?

Wow, I went a bit off topic with that rant their.  Anyway, back to the recruiting session.  However, like Martin Luther, I invite others to debate me on what I said.

Back to the recruiting session.

Operation Red Dawn will require alot of effort, and we need to raise troop levels.  (Especialy if some bloke from ACP reads this post, they wont like that.)

Recruiting Session

Date-Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

Time-9:00 PM European Time, 12:00 PM CPT, 3:00, East Coast of US


Rooms-Town, Forts, Docks

Remember to wear the uniform, and try out the new ones (check the uniform page).  Expect ACP to be there, armed and angry.

If you can make it, comment.

Ranger Lead the Way!




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