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A New Threat On The Horizon: Order 39 Hard Times Lay Ahead

It saddens me to announce that the integrity of all armies on Club Penguin is no longer safe, as there is another alliegence that has emerged, led by the corrupt government of ACP and their ignorant soldiers and officers.  Order 39 is a conglomerate of ACP and their allies, who’s sole purpose is to destroy every small army that dares stand in their way.  The Nachos and a few allies have bravely decided to form an alliance to dispose the corrupt ACP government and reduce the ACP’s power, somthing that has never been accomplished before.  I call upon all small armies to temperarily end all hostilities and band together to face this new, imminent threat.   Due to ACP’s large size, they have been able to monopolize every server, claiming many for their own.  I ask all leaders of a small army to check their army’s servers, and then check the ACP’s.  If they claim they “own” your server, there is nothing you as an individual can do.  They are far superior in strength and numbers.  However, in this David and Goliath situation, if all armies band together under a single name, clad in the same uniform, fighting under the same flag, then we can, for the first time in CP Army warefare, be a threat to ACP. 

I now call upon all Club Penguin Rangers, in the present and in the past, to once again come and take up arms against the enemy that is CPR’s reason for existence.  After the Club Penguin Mythbusters were renamed the Club Penguin Rangers, and became an organized fighting force, indipendent from Ktman’s Mythbuster Site, my goal was to be able to rival ACP, so they would no longer be the sole power in CP, using means of intimidation and fear to achieve their twisted goals.

Mr Deedeldoo.-  You are an influential figure in the CP army world.  You had a vision for an establishment that would be able to take action against threats to small armies if the grave situation arrived.  Now is your chance to help us bring down one of the single largest threats to our integrity.

Takashimeko- I am glad to see your comments on the posts during the reformation of the CPR.  By commenting on these posts, I assumed that you continued to check the site, and you have remained loyal.  You were one of the best people ever to have by my side, and during the times of Order 67, it was good to be able to call you a fellow Ranger.  This grave situation has ocurred once again, even though I did not forsee it.  I ask for your help in these troubling times.

Articsledder-I know political agreements have resulted in a peace between the Ice Warriors and ACP, and that if IW were to take a side, it would compromise their nuetrality.  I have great respect for the Ice Warriors, and I believe they are one of the best fighting forces out their.  They are highly motivated and can be very productive under the right leadership.  The leadership I have seen you display here while you where with CPR, and while you lead IW during battles, is a great skill, and a resource I wish to have here with the CPR.  Will you help us fight, not as a IW, but as a Ranger?

KingJared7- I did not have the oppotunity to get acquianted with you, and we spoke very briefly and not quite as often as we should have.  However, you continued to remain loyal to CPR, at a time when I did not, and you continued to attempt to rebuild CPR, even when all hope seemed loss.  You are a great soldier, and I am proud to serve with you.  Now, let us continue what we started and fight ACP and Order 39.

Colorpeng- I am glad that you have made a choice to help us with our cuase.  There are plenty of other armies out there with mor people that you could have joined, yet you decided to join CPR.  I am glad to give you a much deserved general position. 

Ktman- After you left CPR, you said you would help advise us.  I know you “rarely do anything CLub Penguin related anymore,” yet if there was anytime we could use your guidance, now would be it.

All other CPR Soldiers- the older generation that fought during Order 67 is no longer with us, however I can assure you that you are all ready fo the challenges that lay ahead. 

Rangers lead the Way!



3 Responses

  1. Y’know, I’ve always been an ACP soldier. But yes, I’ve always had the urge we all once had to take on the major armies. Few people have that spirit left. There are many ignorant soldiers even in small armies today. Many use bots, many swear too much, many simply want to reach the top and don’t care about their soldiers (and some succeed).

    Ever since Order 67, major armies started to open up for small armies. Leaders of major armies today were once small and understand that. But still, there is something I feel that isn’t right with some small armies nowadays. They are too hollow. They’re like puppets.

    I haven’t talked to Articsledder in about a year or more. He commented on the CPA Central’s Legend page to put me up there though – and he also posted about Order 67 on CPA Central. I just hope he decides to at least one day check on the CPUN site. It surprises me that few have done that. Itachi6Dark and Ktman visited more times than Jarlo777 (ACP Embassador 1), Jedimaster17, Articsledder, Benu2, ~Extreme the Great, and the rest..

    BTW, I’d need your e-mail Fishpop. Simply comment on our latest post with your WP e-mail in the e-mail bar so I can click edit comment and get your e-mail to add on the blog.

  2. Yes! Down with tyranny!

  3. Order 67?

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