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Active count

Hello, Articsledder here.   Alot of people have been coming back to CPR, and it might be a good idea to have an active count so we can get the ranks straight.  Comment in this form:

What is your CP name?

What was your last CPR rank?

Are you willing to help rebuild CPR?

Thats all for now.




11 Responses

  1. What is your CP name? Articsledder

    What was your last CPR rank? Leader/Advisor/ I dont really know xD

    Are you willing to help rebuild CPR? Yes

  2. CP Name- 321fishpop
    Rank-Commander In Chief
    I want to help rebuild CPR

  3. Red Destoyz/Redblazed
    Head on Senate 3i Command 5* General 2i command
    Yeah or i wouldnt have come back obvi 😛

  4. Mr Deedledoo
    Long-Time Friend and had the CPUN convince CPR leaders to return.
    I am willing! Lets get these legendary three letters into the scene!! 😀


    Fishpop-I don’t think we have a rank of “friend,” but I am glad you commented anyway 😉
    By the way, you know they have a new CPR method for reviving people?

  5. They have always been in the scene we just need to make sure they fear the letters CPR

  6. What is your CP name? Color Peng

    What was your last CPR rank? Major, but I’m a major general now.

    Are you willing to help rebuild CPR? Yes!!

  7. the BPA will be invading your servers.The BPA declares war on CPR.

    Srsly you tried to fight us before guess how many BPA members turned up? None so i think you lost now go cry back to your army and get a life check about being called the British Penguin Army.


    -Red Destoyz

  8. So are you guys going to war.

    And hey Artic, it’s been 2 years. 😉 I guess I’m not as enthusiastic as I thought I would be if I ever see you again. But it’s still good to see you.

  9. BTW, give high and good ranks to those who will join. I tried recruiting a few. Please give them good ranks. 😀

    Also, I’d like to request to be on the site to help out. Don’t worry, I won’t take control over the army. 😉 My e-mail is mrdeedledoo@yahoo.com. I’ll help out with the ranks!

  10. Oh and hopefully Editor please! I’ll approve all the Pending Comments you have and manage the newcomers! 😀
    You have proven yourself countless times that you are a good friend of CPR, and it was your encouragment and enthusiasm that has led to our rebirth. There is no way I could thank you engough, but if you are requesting the job of editor, consider it a small token of CPR’s appreciation for what you have done for us!
    I am also adding you to the legends page, when I continue work on the site this weekend.

    Sure ill add you now

    -Red Destoyz

  11. Be quiet, clubhot4. Your attempts will fail.

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