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Tactics Session

Thanks to Mr. Deedle Doo’s efforts, we are begging to take shape again as an army.  Now that we have sufficient manpower, we are in need of tactic sessions in order to hone in on our tactics, and practice new concepts I have created, especialy in comming battles against ACP.  We will often be outnumbered in battles against ACP, so it is key that our tactics our up to date, and we can execute them flawlessly and quickly.  There will be a practice session on our new server, Snowfall.  We have succesfully captured Snowfall from the BPA, and it will be added to the servers page as our server.

Here is the information for the next Tactic Session.  Please comment if you can make it.

Date: Sunday, November 14th, 2010

Time: 8:00 PM European Mainland, 7:00 PM UK, 3:00 PM Eastern North America, 12:00 noon Western North America

Server: Snowfall (expect minor BPA resistance)

Room: Snowforts

Chatbox: CPR Chat (Link on the Chat page)

Be on the chatbox at least 10 minutes prior to the event!  Also, we will be judging new recruit’s performance, and we will be moving people around in their positions.  That means if you are exeptional during the tactic session, you might be given a higher rank.  If we deem you are lacking in certain areas, you may be demoted.  Therefore, I encourage everyone to work their hardest.  Also, expect slight BPA resistance, maxing out at 3 people attacking us.  They are weak and untrained, so they will only be a slight nusiance. 



PS:  To all authors and editors on the site- All posts MUST from now on end with “Rangers Lead the Way!”


14 Responses

  1. Am i instructing?

  2. Hello, I am Charizard58 I will soon be finishing a post in CPUN of an army in focus that army will be CPR, I hope to see CPR rise.


    FISHPOP-Thanks alot, this will really help. I am available for interview as well, and if there is anything AT ALL that you need, do not hesitate to ask. Please understand the extent that this will help us out. I salute you.

  3. Do you think I can make it? I’m at GMT + 8:00.
    And also, when can I post my introduction post? Whenever I try there’s already another post and I’m afraid of not allowing it to be on for some time.

  4. I will be intstructing. Colorpeng, any time you want to make the intro post, that is fine, however, wait 2 more days

  5. Ok Fishpop can you get on chat asap so i can talk about the tactics session

  6. sure thing

  7. I don’t think I’ll be able to join. I think that’s 3:00 Am Monday in where I live.

  8. hey i might be able to

  9. Alright, we need a new event. Chubby, what do you think we should do.

    Chubby is one of the people I recruited and apparently the most loyal of all of them. 😉

  10. I just got a great idea. It makes good for a post too! 😀

    Many of the new guys suggest a new chat. I would personally like to keep the old CPR chat link visible on this site and the Chat page. But still, we need to modernize and create a Xat Group. If you guys don’t know how to make a Xat group with a Xat link like xat.com/theCPR, I would gladly make it and send the password to Commander Fishpop or Commander Red Destoyz.

    Then we can issue a meeting on the same post where you introduce the new chat group! 😀 The meeting would be held in the new chat and we can mod those who have mod ranks. I’ll ask a friend to help make a banner for the CPR and other graphics.

    That’s just my suggestion since we don’t have any new posts yet. :mrgreen:


  11. i deleted the old chat 2 weeks ago and made a new one

  12. You have been selected to be in the Club Penguin Small Army Central Small Army Cup! Please visit out website for all the information you will need.



  13. I should be able to make it.

  14. WOOT! Everyone turned up again :/

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