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Hiya, there!





 Hi all, my friends are starting a You Tube channel in which I am editing. We need some views, so please help us out. If you could click on the link above, watch each video, then comment and rate each video I’d be really happy. Also, most importantly subscribe to our channel! If you don’t have YouTube account please make one. Thank you very much!

Also, I will be back to the CPR shortly!

Hi! I’m Color Peng. I was in the Club Penguin Rangers once, but I was inactive, but now I’m back.
Thanks for the Major General position. I know I’m not worthy of it because I never actually did anything for the CPR but since we’re going back, I’m going to do everything I can to help.

I’ve been playing Club Penguin since late 2007. I was part of the Navy. We had wars with this Black Shadow army. There were lots of us but none ever found about the website. The Navy was renamed when Dee and I got our memberships. It was made into the Royal Penguin Arsenal. Soon, we lost our memberships and shut down the armies.

Right now, I hardly play Club Penguin. It’s not as fun as before and many nonmembers things were restricted to members.

But, I’m not going to make it to xat meetings if Dee is made a mod and I’m not. We use one computer and we can’t log off Dee’s account. If I change my name it would be not so fair.

So, I’ll just do everything to help now.



8 Responses

  1. im major general but ii cant edit >:u

  2. Good Post Keep it Up! 🙂

  3. But i dont get what you mean by Dee is amde a mod and your not

  4. Welcome Color Peng,though you already know me.Sorry I have been unactive I forget about CPR often.I will put CPR on my favorites so I can check weekly.

  5. Me, too Kingjared. I usually forget about CPR before.


  7. Subscibed.

  8. I’ll make the next post. Hold on. 😉

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