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The CPR Chat

321fishpop-  Thanks alot Dee.  I must also add that you must always conduct yourself in an appropiate way on chat.  This can lead to bans and demotions.  The Chat for CPR can be found on the chat page.  Just click the link!

November 16, 2010

Hey guys, it’s Dee here, one of your advisers with another post!

CPR Uniform!

Mr Deedledoo


Well, in the recent days of the recent weeks of the recent happenings,we have been getting some attention and new recruits. One Ranger Rookie recruit that I think is the most active is Chubby. I hope you’re proud to be a ranger Chub. 😉 I recruited Chub on ACP chat a few days ago and even we don’t know each other as much. But on chats, he has the title of Ranger Brigadier General in his name. Thank you for being loyal to this army. 😉

I wanted to talk about the CPR Chat. Well, all armies need chats – and I think we need a group chat. One that says xat.com/(insert name here) most probably /CPR or /any name the leaders would want. The army needs a group chat and I’ve suggested before already with a reply Commander Fishpop saying the CPR already has a group chat. That’s good then. 😀 Now we need to put it on the site’s Blogroll and emphasize it in the Chat page as our main chat.

I think it’s very important we put that chat group up and get it active and looking good as soon as possible. The first day I went recruiting on chats for this army, most of the people voluntarily went on our chat. How did I know? Well, during my recruiting, several PCed me saying they were in the CPR chat and were wondering why it looked kinda old. :mrgreen: I told them that several legendary people once talked in this chat and that it was special.

Anyways, still, I think we need to mod the people who need to be modded if we ever want to see them again. 😉 It’s up to Fishpop and Red to decide who to mod but I recommend Chubby. We need to hold a meeting for everyone in the CPR Chat group. I’ll gladly add the CPR chat group to the CPUN chat group for promotional purposes. 😀

I think the army needs to work hard recruiting. I’ll arrange a Practice Battle in the CPUN including the Club Penguin Rangers – soon! So be prepared. We better start training and get active. Also, Ktman’s returning! Let’s work hard on this. Update the sidebars and do whatever you like Admins! Get new friends – we need to start with a group of loyal people. Did any of you have any luck contacting New Castle, Takashiemiko, or Soccerfan? It would be awesome having them here. I usually see Soccerfan though. I just forget where.

Yup. Also, one last request!

To Fishpop!


Once you have it, that is. :mrgreen: Let’s get the chat active. Whenever someone visits the site while this post is still in this page, they’d be directly in the CPR chat. Then we could member and mod anyone passing by the site. If ever you’re going to make a new one, make sure you remember the password and make it a Members chat. 🙂 Fishpop and Red, if you want to hold a Background making contest for the chat group (not the old chat, I know you want to keep the old things as memorials so I’m not fiddling with any of the ancient stuff. 😉 ) or suggest a few backgrounds yourself in a post and let us choose – OR – just choose for yourselves, please do!

Have a great week everyone. BTW, Charizard will be posting his Army in Focus post about the Club Penguin Rangers  in the Club Penguin United Nations soon! I’ll link you guys once it’s out! 😉

Rangers lead the way! 😀

-Red Destoyz Edit:

Chubby has been very active but to correct you there i’m on CPR chat for about 8 hours a night so i think i win there 😛

Yeah ill put the background making contest soon since i made the chat its my job to look after it but if i hold the chat i don’t want like no entries to it so if this competition is to take place i want people to take part.

Also a bit more on what Chubby is been up to yeah i noticed he put CPR Brigadier General in his name very quickly and yeah he was a mod several times. But 321fishpop banned him quite alot 😛 I shouldn’t of put that on here but oh well.

Also if anyone knows how to work xat well please help me out on it xD I havnt used xat very since 2008ish/

Rangers Lead the WAY!!!


12 Responses

  1. Hey guys. I’m dozy12. But you can call me dozy. I recently joined the rangers. I have noticed the site is a bit plain and you don’t have a proper chat (group, chat bg, page bg, rules,etc…) So I thought I could make you guys some graphics(If you want) I work for CPSAC as a designer and I am quite good at it. I am able to make any graphic you want. From banners to chat. Contact me at dozy12@hotmail.com . See ya.

  2. That would be great Dozy! Thanks alot.
    -Fishpop, CPR Commander In Chief

  3. im a major general but thx for recignition

  4. The reason nobody is on chat because when someone is on chat its no one to talk to.

  5. Sorry about th mistake Chub.

    I myself am not very good at graphics. I’ll contact Dozy for you guys to at least make a banner and I’ll give him thw CPR colors. 😉

    BTW, yep, the old chat is still thete bit I think we need the modern chat. Like xat.com/IW or xat.com/theacp because these are groups. Groups can be featured on the Xat site and be given more things than a normal chatbox. Chatboxes (chats that have numbers in their URL like xat.com/2518558) went out of fashion about 2 years ago. XD But the olsest ones are still used as memorials. Does Fishpop or Red Destoyz already have a chat group for the CPR. Not the chatbox BTW. Right now, we only have a chatbox. For example, 1 year ago the CPUN chatbox was something like xat.com/16788461 but turned it into a chat group and made it xat.com/theclubpengunitednations. It’s simple.

    I will help imply the rules of appropriateness. 🙂

  6. Do we have to recruit from other armies? Because it’s really hard to recruit penguins who don’t know what’s going on in Club Penguin.

    Let’s hope Dozy comes back to this site to reply.

  7. and fishpop im sorry if i offended you or anything i will watch my toung-well fingers next time

  8. This is your last chance. If I find out that you are being innaproporatie on chat, and I WILL find out, your done.

  9. Sorry I haven’t replied sooner. If you want I can make you a chat group and then send you the link to edit chat and then you can reset it so I have no control over it.

  10. yes sir fishpop

  11. Awesome. Found the chat! 😀 It’s xat.com/CPRclubpenguinrangers.

    Dozy, have you officially joined us? We’d love to have you here. 😀 Do you have any expertise on graphics?

    • Yes I have officialy joined you guys. I am on the ranks. I wouldn’t say I’m the best graphics person. (I don’t like to brag :P) But everyone says I am a really good gfx designer. I do get the job done on time. Unlike most it doesn’t take me 2 weeks to do one header. It only takes me about a day. If you want to see examples of my work check out cpsac and my photobucket username is CokeRage.

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