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How to Survive in Mammoth

To all CPR troops:

On the ACP site, bobcatboy published some tips for surviving on the server, Mammoth.  Mammoth is the Afghanistan or Somalia of Club Penguin.  There are an bunch of different armies fighting for there little piece of the Mammoth Cake.  I have written tips, specificaly designed for the CPR soldier to survive while on patrol in Mammoth. 

First of here are the tips for ACP:

 Find any other Acp soldiers on Mammoth. Highest rank leads and stick together because you may never know what to expect!

Do not try to spy unless necessary. You might make them look bigger or get confused and fire at the wrong soldier.

I suggest stick to clover bombs and Acp boms if necessary. Joke bombs usually do not do anything. Plenty of snowballs also help a lot!

If you seem to find yourself in big trouble go to the ACP chat to see if you can get back-up. Warning: Do not use caps or expect everyone to come help.

Have fun! Do not get upset, remember club penguin is only a game

Here are the (new and improved!)  tips for CPR 🙂

You are alone.  Unless by some slim chance that there is another CPR soldier online, you are alone.  Find others who are against ACP, and always recruit.

Spy, Spy, Spy.  Find out what they are up to.  This could help you out. 

When fighting ACP, do whatever it takes.  Fart bombs, Joke bombs, snowballs, anything! 

If you find yourself in big trouble, double it, and send it right back ACP’s way.  Run around like a maniac, shouting “DOWN WITH ACP! DOWN WITH ACP!”  There is nothing thet can do to stop you.  You are your best weapon.  Drive them nuts!

Have fun!  Get ACP upset!  Its funny when they are pissed off!  They don’t like it one little bit!

That is all for now!

Signing off,

-321fishpop, CPR Commander in Chief

Rangers Lead the Way, Down with ACP!





11 Responses

  1. Afganistan of CP xD

  2. um what if your in acp also

  3. Instead of finding another army against ACP, go to Ice Warriors chat for back up. IW is our number 1 ally as of this moment (One of there top command was a former CPR high ranking offical). Also taking cover is a option too, if your constantly getting charge at lay low and wait for it to clear up.Spying??? I dont think you should spy on chat but spy on ACP troops on the server. If it comes down to it, GO CIVILIAN!!!!!!!! Blending in with the normal CP population cant help. Try not to engage the enemy if the is not atleast 3 people with you.

  4. Chubby, it’s not really a problem. Soldiers and even leaders go to small armies from time to time and like fighting their own army. I’ve done it many times and so has Ktman. I’m an ACP Legend and I can attack the ACP. It’s not too big of a problem until you make it a big problem. 😉

  5. Oh hey Fishpop, I was wondering – do you still have the password to that CPR chat?

    If you do, it’d be really cool if you change the scroll and the Sign Out button to Red or Black. You can put theme colors now. Simply click the Edit button above the chat and enter your password! 😀 It’d make the chat more presentable to newcomers. If you have time that is. 😉

  6. I am not in control of the CPR chat.
    Red Destoyz is very capable of handling it, and he is in charge of what happens on chat. I’s sure he will take you suggestion!

  7. Yeah ill try to work it out how to change button colours and Dee ive never been on Chat when you have, it annoys me xD

  8. I am clubhot one of leaders of the BPA .The BPA is attacking snowfall on the 21st of november so you better be ready.

    clubhot BPA suppreme commender.

    hail the emperor 99kane

    One of them there is only 1, there is only 1 member in BPA and hail the emperor? Your the British Penguin Army. Britian is a Constitutional Monarchy not a dictatorship. Seriously why are you even trying just go join an army that hasnt failed like yours.

    QQ on
    -Red Destoyz

  9. ^^^^ That’s the chat bg. I will make any changes to it that you want.

  10. yes you bpa fools, we are ready

  11. fishpop come on chat 😛

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