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To the BPA

First off, I would like to apologize for not attending last night’s battle with the BPA.  This August, I had moved from the United States to Switzerland, and I am still trying to adapt to the new enviornment.  I am therfore passing Executive Order 1, that, in my absence, Red Destoyz or Articsledder will make all final commands, without my clearance.  

Also, I would like to thank all the following people, Kingjared7, Articsledder, Ninja09, and colorpeng for all they are doing around this site.  I could not have rebuilt CPR without you guys.  I would also like to give a giant thanks to Red Destoyz, one of the most loyal CPR soldiers in history (he is on the legend page, check it out!) and one of the most active.  Finally, I would like to recognize a new face, Dozy, for all that he has done for the CPR.  Dozy is skilled at all media, and I have put him in charge of all CPR Propeganda, Pictures, and Clips. 

To Dozy-  You have proven yourself a loyal soldier, and for that, your efforts will not go unrecognized.  Please accept the position of moderator on the CPR chat (if you are not already) and the position of Author on the blog.  In order to do that, i need your email. 

Now, to the BPA:

Come on guys, just give it up.  You consistently challenge us to battles, and yet you do not have any soldiers present.  We claim Snowfall in the name of the Club Penguin Rangers.  You can, if you want, try to liberate it, but in order to do so, you must show up. 😛  I am an author and good friend of Mr Deedledoo, head of the CPUN, and I am positive that, if need be, we can recieve support from them.  I honestly do not care what you think or say.  You are not a threat.  Only a big talker.  And come on, talk is cheap!  Back up all that lip with some action.  And you can hail your Emperor all you want, but i can aussure you, he is not going to help.  Clubhot, you run the whole army, and this “Emperor”  sits around all day.  I think you need to take a step back and look at your sorry excuse for an army. 

You have lost all credibility. 

You have no soldiers.  

You have no servers. 

The BPA is nothing.

You are nothing.


Signing off,

           321fishpop, CPR Commander and Chief (and proud of it!)

Rangers Lead the Way!


-Red Destoyz Edit:

I will give it my all fishpop like usual and how long are you gone for are you not going at all just a bit busy well anyway ill be on chat

Rangers Lead the WAY!!!


17 Responses

  1. Wow thanks man! My email is dozy12@hotmail.com . I also have a gfx site where if you want any gfx you can order it free of course 😉 The link is http://dozygfxshack.wordpress.com/

  2. Hey now. BPA is an army, and as long as the Sky Troops exist, BPA will. Talk bad about them again, and ill talk to the Nachos and Team Gold. BPA is allies with ST, and ST as more allies than you could imagine, of all sizes. don’t bad mouth them, because you didn’t show up to the event. BPA is a colony of ST, and i know a couple of people in this army. Dozy, for example, leads an army in the Delta Alliance. be quiet and you will be better off.

    Right. How about no? And Why would Nachos fight us exactly. I could imagine alot of Allies but we have been around for much longer than you can imagine . And i can badmouth who i want QQ you cant stop me from talking and about Dozy he said we said we had his support against BPA. So hmmmm your point is invalid

    • Btw i left the da ages ago and cowboys or sacp could take you down so don’t even bother.

    • I don’t see how anybody with 18 troops can take us down. you would get about 5 on cp. we have about 10/14 troops active. better ratio. you would need all 18 of your troops to beat us. we have beaten ACP like 4 times. we have 1 loss ever.

      • oh and longer than we can imagine? really? cp has only been around for 5 years, and I am a Nacho and an Ice Warrior. look at our ally page.

  3. Listen my bro is 99kane and i just write the posts.The BPA is having lots of small army tourdments and we are fighting acp echo but your army doesn’t even exsist to ACP.punk


  4. Alexcone is right the BPA and skytroops are one we will finish you.


  5. […] https://cprclubpenguinrangers.wordpress.com/2010/11/22/to-the-bpa/ […]

  6. This army was the second leading army in Order 67 in 2007 when we stood up against all the major armies. Our leaders became ACP 2iCs and IW 2iCs and all sorts.

    We have been around for 3 years and are known as legends to oldschool armies. Ktman was also once our leader and he became ACP 2iC. We were allies with the Red Raiders whose leaders became UMA legends. Check out the legends and former leaders of the original major armies years ago and you’ll see the names of our former soldiers way up there. We have just recently come back.

    Also, we aren’t like modern armies who have such high ranks in larger ones that they get all the help they can get from the major army alone and from friends.

  7. Will IW fight us? No. Do you know why? Well it is becasue their 2ic command likes us and he likes us so well if we asked him to fight you he probably would. And Nachos ooooh scary i knew Zippy500 he was on our chat from time to time and active troops? I dont see any active troops from you so badly you need them i see you are merging into other armies. Doing very well i see.

    OMG 1 LOSS TO ACP!!!1111!!!one!!!!!1111eleven1111

    We havnt had any lossses to ACP theres vids of us on youtube pwning them years ago.

    And Rofl at Clubhot calling me a punk. I doubt he knows what it means xD

    And you wont finish us if Order 67 couldnt finish us then BPA and ST wont.

    • we never lost to ACP either. and us merging into other armies? your kidding right? if you think that, you are a fail. do you know how many people comment on this site that are in your army? 3. thats it. we have 5 people post reguraly and other people comment on it. also, i dont care how many people you got in the past. you have 18 troops now and 3 of them are active. also, we will probably soon be allies with Night Warriors. check the CPA Central top 10. You will find Nachos #3 and Night Warriors #2. I am in Ice Warriors, and 3 of our owners come from Ice Warriors. they are me, Snickers4763, and Everton Cool. don’t believe me? check our ranks and recent posts. then check IW ranks. Im also in the Nachos and I know some people in Night Warriors to help us out. and as of Team Gold(#4) I am about to talk with Riotors about some stuff, which might help us get them, UMA, and Purple Heads to help. PH has a state that can get 8+,TG can get 30+, there are videos of UMA getting 40+ in the past(but past doesn’t matter) so they can get 25+. Also, I can talk to Billy Mays(new Nacho leader) and ask him for help. we know people, so even if IW helps you, you won’t be able to take us, BPA, PH, UMA, and TG. its impossible.

  8. lolololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololol

    You said earlier 1 lose to ACP now your contradicting yourself and like any of them will help a fail army like you rofl and i also know all of that were lies. We have regular people and Also we have the CPUN so hmmm i dont think some noobs like you will stand a chance ever. You should really quit now because your army failed when it first started.

    You = Worst Army Leader Ever

    Also those major armies are in the CPUN they comply with CPUN rules and since your not a member of the CPUn you are basically doomed.

    Red Destoyz- The Sky Troop Rofler

    • dude, you must be in kindegarden. you can’t even read. we have 1 loss ever, not 1 loss to ACP. this army has died before so truth is

      You=Worst Army Leader there will ever be.

      you love lying all you want just so you can get what you want. just stop. it gets you nowhere at all. really.

      • Seriously xD Do you even know how badly we are mocking you and referring to insults that i am Kindergarten lol Its very Pathetic and also that you are using my own insults against me to make you sound like you made that up yourself xD and “this army has died before so truth is”
        Seriously were you high when you wrote this becasue it makes no sence whatsoever and us lying lol you have lost lots of times as your army is inexperienced and probably the worst army ever. I mean please get your website looking decent before you try to brag about how terrible you are.

        Please also you proper pronounciation as it shows how bad you type and we mock you further for our amusement.

  9. guess what i am 99kane and i don’t no why you think clubhot is me but i can tell you that clubhot is my bro he does most the posts for me.But for i do turn up for battles and you lot are stupid fuckers


    Red Destoyz Edit:
    Words from a very wise man.

    We’re no strangers to love
    You know the rules and so do I
    A full commitment’s what I’m thinking of
    You wouldn’t get this from any other guy

    I just wanna tell you how I’m feeling
    Gotta make you understand

    Never gonna give you up
    Never gonna let you down
    Never gonna run around and desert you
    Never gonna make you cry
    Never gonna say goodbye
    Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

    Also mind the language if i email this to your Mother she would probably slap you.

  10. I admire BPA’s skill of stringing together lies. They depend on treachery and deciet to accomlish their goals.

  11. sorry for the langued

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