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Important Chat Meeting


Hey Guys Red Again and theres an important meeting on CPR Chat next Saturday i would like it if everyone on the list would turn up.

Chat Date—Saturday 4th December

Chat Time— GMT:8pm/EST:3pm/CST:2pm/MST:1pm/PST:12pm


  • 321fishpop
  • Red Destoyz
  • Artic Sledder
  • Mr Deedledoo
  • King Jared
  • Dozy12
  • Colour Peng
  • Ninja09
  • Ktman
  • Alexcone
  • Kane99
  • Clubhot4


If anyone here on the list wants to invite somone please put it in the comments below and ill add them to the list.

Also if you cant come to the meeting please let me know by putting it in the comments.

Rangers Lead the WAY!!!

-Red Destoyz


18 Responses

  1. What’s the meeting about? 😛

  2. Oh and congratulations to Fishpop and his successful post in the CPUN site. We hope to bring more people to read about it. 😉

    • Thanks dee. I thought more people should no about it

  3. Its tip top secret 😛 and yeah it was a really good post

  4. I will forget so you know to find me on IW chat.

  5. 4th of December. That’s good.

  6. I will have to check, as i may be in Israel that time

  7. Why will you be in Israel? and Yeah ill find you on IW Jared just try to open another browser and keep CPR chat up ^^

  8. Hold on. Yeah, I will be there.

  9. I will do my best to come and i am inviting 99Kane and Clubhot4. ill keep them calm.

    • Thanks for keeping calm about this Alex. 🙂

      • that’s my specialty. except, you know, when I blow up. then thats my specialty. lol :d

  10. I can’t come, I’ll be skiing.

    • You should your name to Articskier then. 😆

  11. the BPA wants to make allies with you and BPA CPR and sky troops can invade breeze on the 4th of december at 6:00pm uk time.If your army wants to come then look on my website.But it is clubhot4 that makes the posts i tell him what to say via email.

    99kane of BPA

    • This can be discussed. However, we are still at war. I urge you to attend the meeting. Hopefully you are betting at showing up to meetings than you are showing up to battles.

      • spelling check.
        Hopefully you are *better* at showing up……………….

  12. Ahhh so you cant come Artic hmmmm well its np but ill just need to tell you what happened at some point

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