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I do have limits…

Hey Red again and lets talk about the army that copied us completely, Ranger Troops. Notice anything about their name? Yeah they stole it from us. And Guess what else they stole? Out uniform and our catchphrase.


Wow They look like such a new army…

They are even getting publicity and that is just not on. 321fishpop made this army back in 2007 and for them to come and steal are background for their own benefit and not even credit us. Well we have decided to end it. From this day forward we are putting every plan behind us and now we are bent on Stopping them. We will be having new ranks given to owners so try to be as active as possible and Fishpop is looking for a 5* General replacement and i have a few potential candidate ideas myself.

Earlier me and fishpop with a few troops we recruited we took on RT and beat them hands down. They surrendered on their chat and CP. Pics will be up shortly from now on we are hell bent on this. Allies join us as we purge this filth from the face of Club Penguin and let this be our Finest Hour!

Rangers Lead the WAY!!!

-Red Destoyz








6 Responses

  1. The Pirates of Club Penguin are invading. Hope you can give us a great battle. See you on Snowfall.

  2. Wow. The reason I really wanted to get this army back up was so that no one would ever recreate an army that was called the CPR along with the uniforms.

    Rangers Lead the Way!!

  3. I hate ripoffs. It would be okay to have the same theme as us. But to steal our name and catchphrase? That’s too much.
    Lets show those ripoffs…

  4. We will 😛

  5. Disregard my last comment.

  6. Awesome freaking graphics!!
    Fish- Thanks Dee! Its really great having Dozy ’round the site.

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