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Decleration of War on RT, Our Finest Hour

On behalf of the Senate and Soldiers of the CPR, I, 321fishpop, the Commander in Chief of the CPR, declare war on the Ranger Troops, lead by Nicole.  This decleration of war is for the following reasons. 

  1. Ripping off our army- The RT claims to be the original Rangers, yet they were created in September 2010.  CPR Archives show posts going back as far as Spring of 2008, when Red Destoyz created this site.  However, the original CPR was created in 2007, on ktman’s site. 
  2. Attempting to hack CPR chat- ktonboy had tried to hack CPR chat by requesting to be an owner.  He was refused.
  3. Rude and Disrespectful- On RT chat, I wnted to enter negotiations with ktonboy, however, he did not answer questions I had asked him, and he banned me for no apparent reason.  RT obviously does not want to enter diplomatic discussions with the CPR.

On the night of November 29th, 2010, it had been agreed by both RT and CPR that there would be a battle immediatly on the Mammoth Docks.  I had tried to avoid conflict, yet ktonboy was insisting that there would be battle.  On RT chat, he challenged Red and I, and we agreed.  We proceeded to battle under the agreement on both sides of no allies, yet ktonboy REPEATEDLY asked ACP soldiers for support.  However, after batteling, he had surrendered.  This is officialy a vicotory over the RT by the CPR.  Pics are as follows, in chronological order in the events of the battle. 

Initial contact with enemy personell made:

Conflict continues:  Red gives RT a lecture on spelling!

Battle still continues:  He abandons the battlefield. 

Ktonboy returns to the battle a few moments later with some ACP, even though we agreed that both sides would not be allowed to use allies.  Red and I quickly cover him up with a popcorn bomb.

A few moments later, ACP leaves the battle, not firing a single shot, and Ktonboy surrenders.

Here is another picture of his surrender:

Red Destoyz had taken some pictures of ktonboy addmiting defeat on the RT chat:

Now, before you say the battle was unfair, there was another RT soldier on the Chat, and there was the possibility of a two on two battle, but they had failed in showing up, so it was two against one.

-321fishpop, CPR Commander In Chief

Rangers Lead the Way!


26 Responses

  1. xD Me telling him to spell tackle he spelt it “tackal” which i had to correct him

  2. Hello,

    you are up against IVCP in the next round of the Small Army Cup! Please visit our site for all of the details.


  3. This is sad….

    And your not?
    -Red Destoyz

  4. he was my friend in acp but now he betrayed me i getting him off my buddies list

  5. Ok good job

  6. Fishpop a copy to the CPUN maybe? 😛

  7. FINNALY fight till death

    • Thats the spirit!

  8. Next they’ll be making a ripoff of the CPUN. Maybe the:
    “cput!11 culb pebfuinn unitsd troppdd”
    It’s amusing that he surrendered so easily

    • he was one of my friends on acp once

  9. Oh yeah, what’s the Popcorn emoticon shortcut?

  10. e+o=Popcorn

    NAd becasue school is off ill be on CPR chat for the next 16 hours ^^ xD

  11. We will not battle with you thats it we are a medium army we dont battle small armies we battle medium and up

    Red Destoyz Edit:

    Pah your so cocky ive had years more army experience than you and just becasue you bribe your ways into CPA Central and say that your good just becasue ever ACP soldier there joins you still means your terrible. Sklooperis runs the very biased CPA Central site and just becasue you gave him a mod rank and he comments about your army that means your good? If you think that you should elete the RT now or do you want me to do it? Or are you basically saying your army sucks and your too bad to fight us? Your army will never get anywhere and do you know why? Because ill be there to stop you every step of the way RT will fall and there name will be the sins of the past for the rest of Club Penguin

    CPR FTW!!! RT SUCK!!!

    • hey how do you edit

      • you have to be an admin or editor on the site.

    • RT INFINITELY better than this army.

      Lol RT sucks and you know it

      • you made a mistake in this comment. you meant worse, not better.

  12. I have the power to take you down one way or another. If you dont fight, well i have other ways of making RT fall like the pathetic army they are. ANd lol you arent medium we have had more troops than you QQ on.

  13. cpr sucks we will not fight since we are already at war

    Yes! Another n00b to mock in front of lots of people. So are you happy in RT? Happy being in like the worst army every and getting mocked everyone time you come on? Well Welcome to http://www.cprclubpenguinrangers.wordpress.com! The site that ridicules the noobs and hates on the haters. And guees what im the King of the Haters and your my lowley servant. So having fun on this site becasue every time you comment everyone here has a glowing feeling inside that your suffering and that is what makes this website and the whole world go round. So please comment more because you know you want to.


    ~~~Red Destoyz

      lol i love hummiliating enemies. RT wouldn’t stand a chance. I have epic planz in my brain just blossoming. ill tell u if i c u on chat red.

  14. You guys are weak and spineless

    • we are not weak and we have a spine A.K.A back bone

  15. I am not sad. You are.

    • lol denial. always comes to noobs like this kid. this really is sad. rip-off and denial. whats next? depression? asserting independance?

  16. I love how they are calling us the weak ones when they completely copied our army

    • they are showing there WEAK side

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