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Another Meeting reminder


Red Destoyz Edit:Unsticky this plz Dee xD

Dee edit2: Just had an epic war against SWAT in an alliance with the Ranger Troops. It was the RT and CPR vs SWAT and we won. Pics coming on the next post! 😀
Dee edit: This picture was taken hours before the meeting. See you all there! 😀

CPR Chat Meeting

CPR Chat Hours before the Meeting

Red Destoyz Edit- The Leader of the RT has retired that means its time to strike soon i guess and also fishpop can you try not to write another post until after i wirte one you will see why when i do it 😛

I know some of you are sick of me repeating this but

  • 321fishpop
  • Red Destoyz
  • Artic Sledder
  • Mr Deedledoo
  • King Jared
  • Dozy12
  • Colour Peng
  • Ninja09
  • Ktman
  • Alexcone
  • Kane99
  • Clubhot4

Its on Saturday 4th December

The times are GMT:8pm/EST:3pm/CST:2pm/MST:1pm/PST:12pm

Be there 😛

Rangers Lead the WAY!!!

-Red Destoyz


9 Responses

  1. A few RT soldiers want peace with us. Most of the army doesn’t even know about the situation.

    I’m out to help keep the okay condition between both armies. 🙂 One thing that keeps this army unique in this generation is the independence. We don’t need to call on major armies to ally with us like almost every other modern small army out there.

    We survived 2 years withoit the help of major army promotion or support. But then our former leaders are now army legends. Well, that’s our achievement as an army. We made good soldiers. 😉 We are still an old-fashioned army and I am proud of it.

  2. Oh and Red, :p don’t forget to add a clickable link to the chat so that people can easily access it.

    Just remember</s

  3. My last comment wasn’t finished 😎

    Remember this post Red. 🙂 You can post over it a few times and then hours before the meeting STICKY it. Probably by the end of Friday until throughout the meeting. Don’t forget pics! 😀

  4. Dee come on chat xD

  5. Need to speak with you properly i havnt in years xD

  6. No problem red

  7. fishpop chat 😛

  8. You were on for like a minute xD

  9. I’ll be on soon. I’m in Indonesia now. GMT 7 I think. 😦

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