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Meeting Results

First so people know…


Commander in Chief(s) – 321Fishpop

Co-Commander in Chief(s)  – RedBlazed, Ktman2

5 Star General – KingJared7

4 Star General -Color Peng

3 Star General – Takashiemiko

2 Star General – Red Spanial

1 Star General –Flash70801

Graphic Designer – Dozy12,Josephp3

Media Officer –


Major General – Chubby45378, Kaihawk,Alexcone,Trevhawk5

Major – Kong7, Suz48490,Meshma123

Captain -Alex51992,Slider568,

Lieutenant -Sapphire2010,Sosy43916, J55559, Jniencheo


Master Seargeant -Grillch7200,Bellydiver9

Seargeant 1st Class -Clone25,Usmarine4,Joee125


Corporal 1st Class


Private 1st Class


CPR Noob – (By his own request) Itachi6dark

Also Fishpop we have BPA under control they are getting warfare teachings by Alexcone

RT are being dealt with in good time

People who didnt turn up~~~


Color Peng

Mr Deedledoo




Angry Face :O

Also i have pics of the chat we reached lots on that chat well done all

Also Meeting on Friday Same times same people.

Rangers Lead the WAY!!!

Red Destoyz

Red Destoyz Edit: Pics!!!






I dont know why some people were broadcasting RT pics xD

And some people might find some of these pics rather funny


9 Responses

  1. thx red destroyz

  2. At least I was there like 4 hours before the meeting.

    The meeting is at 2AM for col P and I. I was on at 11PM and led the CPR with RT to defeat SWAT on Mammoth. 😉

  3. Alexcone is not teaching us anything the BPA is attacking ACP on the 11th of december with sky troops and you are invited but you can only come if you are allies with BPA and give us back snowfall.

    clubhot and 99kane and alexcone

  4. Woah, thanks for making me a four-star general. I got from Major to Major General to OneStar General to 4Star General. Cool.

  5. thx pepo am happy now XD

  6. hey 321fishpop could i be a author im a 1*general

    • it will be discussed

  7. Friday? dont people have school on Friday? i know i have school until 3:40 est.

  8. Ive finished school and we have a battle with RT on Saturday and we need this meeting :/

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