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Sorry but my Roflcopter goes Swoosh swoosh swoosh


Yes i think you read that post Correctly.

Considering We were outnumbered and Bobcatboy and his followers were there we are getting Recognised by the ACP again. Well After Oaglethorp and Fort we didnt do much against ACP tbh. Also to Bobcatboy here “CPR failed to realize ACP moving foward that CPR had to fall back”(ACP site) Well Excuse me Princess but Considering it was me and Mr Deedledoo left i didnt really have much choice considering Dee was leaving. Btw these ACP Legends really do stab you in the back ^^.

But Guys you have to remeber this


Go to the link xD^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


Good times guys but there will be more ill give you my word on that.

Rangers Lead the WAY!!!

-Red Destoyz


4 Responses

  1. I gotta stop doing posts at 12am xD

    • lol ur up tht late!? ama sleeping @ tht time bout cpr kiking acps butt

    Hello Rangers of CP, I have an offer for you guys.How would you like to have a youtube Sponsorship!Yea a sponsorship.Average life of giain from lolroflburger would like to be a proud sponsor of the rangers of CP. With that being said, if you accdept this, we will be making a video for our sponsorship with Rangers of CP. We will stay loyal and respectful and visit here every time often UNLESS you do the same with us

    you can comment or contact me at

    so i hope you make a wise and good decision

    lolroflburger youtube account owner

  3. I agree to “Excuse me Princess but Considering it was me and Mr Deedledoo left i didnt really have much choice considering Dee was leaving.” I mean come on ACP! You think your all that!?!?!?

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