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Thankyou Club Penguin Account Support

Well after 2 months of waiting for a reply Club Penguin Account Support team somehow got my old Penguin Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some of you may ask, hey Red why is this so important you get a new penguin and you got some cool stuff on him now. To that i say, meh he has a Roman Helmet also he was deleted that is why i quit CP years ago.

Also Dee get on so i can upload my first CPUN post xD

Rangers Lead the WAY!!!

-Red Destoyz ( Happy as hell)


3 Responses

  1. Awesome- I also made a new background for this site, http://oi53.tinypic.com/2im6t5v.jpg

  2. you lot are meant to be invading breeze with BPA and st today put it on your website

  3. cool red

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