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Guess Whos Back?


-CPR Soldiers



Well, to start off, I don’t want to be called the best leader in CPR history anymore.  The fact that these new CPR leaders have made the CPR a respectable MEDIUM ARMY is simply amazing.

But besides that point, I am back!  I know we have lots of things going on in this groing army, surley soon to make a top 10 appearance, but I would really like to take on the army that ruined my army career.  Who?  The ACP?  Not only for the previous reason I mentioned, but for many more ACP needs to be stopped.  They are to big, their chat and ranking system is corrupt, they are completly based on popularity, and they are simply ruining this once small army based army world.

That is why I suggest we propse an alliance.  We align ourselves with as many Anti-ACP armies as possible and we kick some ass.  We show the ACP that they can be beaten, they can be stopped, and they will fall.  I know I once was there 2IC, but I’ve seen the light again.  I’m home.



12 Responses

  1. welcome back, ktman, and already done. I, Alex Cone, created the White Alliance to help purify Club Penguin and ACP is evil. CPR is in the White Alliance along with my army, the Sky Troops, and others. heres a link to it.

  2. Wellcome back Ktman 😛

  3. Welcome back Ktman! We’ve been pushing the army to take more pics and we have a lot more people online usually than most small-medium armies.

    We are doing great and make huge fights with the ACP. See our pics! We made it on Bobcat’s post and he said the battle with the CPR was one of the best he’s had in a while. We always give armies a great fight. 😉

    Hope to see you on chat! 😀


  4. We had more on Chat than Watex Warriors xD

  5. w00t!
    Ktman’s back!!
    ACP always say they win over CPR but they actually didn’t. Just because they lost and we logged off hours before authors came doesn’t mean those stupid noobs win.

  6. Glad to have you back ktman!
    Dee, I read that post!
    I may not agree with ACP, but I think bobcatboy is a good leader, or at least better than mchappy

  7. He came on CPR chat and we pwned him in a battle

  8. welcome back ktman !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! glad to have ya back XD

  9. Fishpop come back on chat :/

  10. yay Ktmans back

  11. Artic wrote stuff yay!

  12. If you have a problem with ACP, please talk to me…

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