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Dozy’s Heartfelt Retirement :(

Well, since I was removed from this site by someone who shall remain un-named *COUGH*FISHPOP*COUGH*. I was not able to make a retirement post, so I decided to make it in a comment. Anyway here it goes:

Hello everyone!

A few months ago whilst I was on ACP chat the subject of CPR came up and how it used to be epic but now is dead,nooby,suckish etc… Well hearing that broke my heart! I hate it when armies die, so I searched up “club penguin rangers army” and sure enough, it came up! No offence, but the site was a mess! It didn’t even have a chat group or a decent header! I knew they needed my help. So I joined and did ALOT of graphic making, spreading the word about CPRs return and fixing the site up. Now, I have to say CPR you may sound like just a little side project that I was bored to do but you’re not! You’re something much more! The only word to describe it’s awesomeness is epic.

But today in chat there was an argument. I won’t get into details but I was banned,unbanned then I left. When I came back on the site, just about to make a new graphic, I found I was removed from the users list. Now, I was confused about this so I went onto the chat and found out I was taken off the site until I “earned my trust again”. My response- WOW. After all I did for this site! I get taken off the site without any notification. This is my main reason of quitting CPR. I won’t be quitting all CP armies, just CPR. Anyway, here are some names I want to bring up some good some bad-

Red Destoyz-
Well, out of every single person in CPR you are and always will be my favourite! A fun guy to talk to and a pretty damn good leader. This guy deserves some props. Also he lives in the uk (Y).

Mr Deedledo-
Alright, to be honest I don’t really know you xD. But  you are pretty impressive, you are a legend in LOTS of armies and I wish I can achieve that greatness.

I’m gonna get this off my chest. I hate you, I think you are a noob and you don’t deserve leadership, if anyone here should be leader it’s red. You don’t even do anything for this army and you are never on chat!

All other CPR soldiers-
I know CPR may seem bad right now but just wait. You may become major soon! Maybe even bigger than ACP. Just remember what dozy says “It’s not the manpower, it’s the power of the man”

If you weren’t mentioned in this speech then I’m sorry.
Also, if anybody wants to contact me my email is: dozy12@hotmail.com and my main army is http://cpcowboysarmycp.wordpress.com/ .

Well, for one final time… Rangers Lead The Way!

P.S Red I don’t really want to stay out of contact with you maybe you and I could make a new army some time? I won’t mind if you say no but you gotta admit us two leading would be pretty epic.


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