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A Little Controversy

December 20, 2010

Happy Holidays from Dee!

Mr Deedledoo

Hey guys, it’s Dee here, known fully as Mr Deedledoo but also known as. CPR advisor and chat owner. I just wanted to tell all you guys that we should be extra careful this week because we believe someone is trying to take the site and chat.
We the main owners have authored several admins and will be modding/membering several owners. This is for safety precautions. Why? We’ve been having suspicions lately like I said above.

If you check this post http://rangertroops.wordpress.com/2010/12/19/hack-and-tourniment-round-1/#comment-1074 – you may understand why. Try finding the word CPR in that whole post and through the comments. For Internet Explorer and Firefox – press CTRL-F and type in CPR.

Anyways, we apologize for having to de-admin and de-editor but we do all want the site and the army to live right? Go on chat and we’ll be happy to answer your questions for you. We’re going to need people to be on the look-out this week.


WATCH OUT. Be careful of who you talk to on chat. To owners and mods who were never unownered or modded, we beg you to be careful. Do not ban people for no reason. Do not mod people for no reason. Do not owner people for no reason. Someone is out there to get us and apparently accidentally hacked an army he or she thought was us. Report anything suspicious to a higher rank and be watchful of member and guest chatters. See the site Ranks to see who is in the army and not. Do not trust anyone you think worth trusting. If anything bad really happens – get off chat and tell us. Do not give out any personal information about yourself and important information about the army.

To our beloved admins and CPR High Command, please do not be upset. Afterall, promotions are coming soon for everyone! 😀 Just be on the look out. My appeal to the CPR High Command owner ranks and mod ranks is to act like real respectable soldiers. Care for your soldiers at chat and watch out for them. Answer their questions and entertain them. We need people our soldiers can look up to. Aren’t you glad we picked you? It isn’t a power on chat, but a privilege. 😉

Anyways, please see that link.. That’s all for now. For any questions, ask people on chat. Keep an eye on everyone people. Let’s keep this army safe and clean. Let’s fight for our army.

Remember! Watch out and and try and leave no one alone on chat. You can leave chat alone, but if you see someone alone there – give him or her company. 😉





15 Responses

  1. hey guyz. wats up with this person trying to hack us? what do they have against us? people r sooo stupid.

  2. dee, lets get on the chat.

  3. jeeze whats up with pepo trying to hack, we havn’t done anything wrong so why us, why cant they hack IW or ACP??

  4. Hello! I am from CPAHO, here to remind you that you are entered in the CPAHO Small Brawl Tournament. Please visit our site for details, and good luck!

  5. I dont see us there :/

  6. W?

    • W?

      • W?

    • W?

      • W?

  7. the BPA is prepered to share zipline with you.
    we will team up when acp invade zipline on the 23rd and we will claim it together.
    How about the white alliance share zipline together then acp will find it hard to have it when over 5 small armies are against them.
    clubhot bpa 2ic

  8. Yes ranger troops are also prepared so be ready the name of the hacker is moomipbump or something like that

  9. We need a back-up site and chat, now! And a xat, too. And we need a secret code so that hackers won’t know.

  10. Kay

  11. I know you probably already know this but anyway

    Hi! Just to let you know the CPUN 6 way PB date has been Changed to December 29, Wednesday.



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