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What a CP Ranger should be like||ACTIVE COUNT

December 2010

Hey guys, it’s Dee here, your advisor, once again with another entertaining post. 🙂 This time, it isn’t about news or wars or etc. It’s about the nature and goals of the army – a lesson. This sort of thing is seldom done in small and even major armies today. Well, I want to give the whole army a recap of what exactly the CPR is, and what they should act like.

Let’s talk about the CPR Nation.. 🙂

  • What is our color? Red = Primary, Black = Secondary
  • Our motto: “Rangers, Lead the Way.” This is based off of the US Rangers motto.
  • What do we call our nation? Well, we call it the CPR Nation. 😆 It is in this land in which we will have wars, practice or real and do some of our recruiting. One server we did used to own was Klondlike. That was probably 2 years ago. Now, it is owned by the Army of Club Penguin but allows any army to use it as one of their servers – for free! We can use this server.
  • What is our capital? Our capital used to be Permafrost. I’m sorry, some of the info on the site are out of date. We’ll need to re-confirm this server’s accessibility by renewing the land grant with the new owners. Major armies have changed.
  • We are a Democratic Republic. You guys vote for your leaders and senates!


  1. The right to vote for decisions of the CPR and CPR Nation.
  2. Being able to fight in wars in the CPR and make friends in the wonderful community of Club Penguin armies.
  3. The possibility of being ranked up if truly deserving, and maybe leading the CPR and CPR Nation one day!
  4. Being able to participate in all o0f the CPR concerts and special events.

We have a good list of allies. You can see who on our CPR Nation page. now to explain to you all about why this army used to be against the ACP. First of all, this army came from the ashes of an army that existed and thrived about 3 years ago. Those times were the hardest. It 10 times more harder to live in small armies than it is now. Some armies would only be given a tenth of a server or even just a small corner, in one of the rooms, in one server. Think about that. Yes. It was discrimination. We were considered noobs. All of us. Every army not in the major army standard was a noob. Only a number of small armies probably got respect. Now I will talk like someone’s grandfather – you are lucky you are in this age. Things were primitive. There were real wars – not hacking. Some armies really had no mercy. Compare it with our world now. Do you see any martyrs? Maybe not because the biggest wars were over a century ago. Just like here in CP Armies – there were revolutionists.. patriots.. and all that during our time. Almost every army was against ACP – a common enemy. But after some time, a few Rangers joined the major armies and became legends and leaders with a couple reaching UMA Leader, one reaching ACP 2iC and one reaching IW 2iC.

Recently we’ve started making negotiations with the ACP. They’re our allies now against a common foe – the Night Warriors. NW leader insulted us by coming on chat and making fun of our ‘noob ways’ and how we weren’t considered an army.

Anyways, now to the point of our post. 😀

What a CP Ranger should be like

This goes to all soldiers and members of this army. A member of this army is an good man or woman. Rangers fight with pride and do not allow anyone to make fun of their army, or their beloved friends. They protect their servers and are on the watch for enemies. A ranger knows his army’s history and can use it to argue against a fool who thinks the army is just a new one. A ranger is fast-thinking and can control him or herself. A ranger pledges to keep it’s nation clean from the dirty world of negativity and corruption and make it a habitable place for all ages. Lastly, a ranger always looks out for a fellow ranger, or anyone in need of help.

Here’s more:

  • Owners – The best example. These people are the elders of the army and I assure you, these people were not put up to lead this army like a cheating your way through a game. These people act like the parents of the armies and are there to give soldiers the best help they can give and are able to answer their questions. To owners, think about it. Imagine if your parents always swore or talked of negative things in front of you. Be a pal to the little guys and be someone they can approach and look up to. 😉 No matter what, follow the chat rules which are located below the chatbox.
  • Mods – So far, our mods have been doing okay jobs. Mods too, must not be abusive if they are to one day be successful in this army. Do not ban people for no reason or kick people for no reason. Always welcome people to join the army instead of scaring them away. I’ve seen chat histories where people kick random guests for the reason: he creeps me out and other stuff. If 1/4 of the army size we were supposed to be were those people, you kicked them out too early. Care for your fellow rangers, especially the member ranks and set a good example for them. Continue the good job and don’t forget to read the chat rules!
  • Members – Our fountain of Youth. These people will become leaders in the CPR one day. I believe the member ranks are the most innocent and as of now, there are no abusive members. I mean, what can they abuse except for the rules? There will be many members promoted this Christmas, I’ll tell you that. 😀 Report any bad behavior by a higher rank to the nearest owner. Owners should know what to do. If they ignore you, tell me, Red, or 321Fishpop. The best defense is with pictures.

Well, that’s all I wanted to imply right now. Thanks for your time rangers. 😀 Haven’t any of you noticed that the ACP’s way of getting lots of people is partly because of their nice chat rules? It allows younger people to feel safe in it thus allowing more of them to grow in the army until they’re old enough to lead. Some other armies allow cussing and other inappropriate stuffs so mostly, only teens join them and, because of their age, retire early.


Aside from everything I said in this post, this is also an active count! This active count determine your promotion and also, so that we can see how many people are coming to join the CPUN 6-Way Royal Rumble! BIG PROMOS FOR THOSE WHO COME TO THE RUMBLE!

  • CP Name (and any other name we know you as):
  • CPR Rank:
  • What you have learned from this post:
  • Will you be joining the CPUN 6-Way PB?

Be sure to put the name we know you as or else we might not find your name in the ranks! 😀

Here are the details for the CPUN 6-Way PB on this post:


Don’t worry, there will be a post for it! 😉 Have an awesome week everyone.

Happy Holidays from Dee!



P.S. One last thing! The Brigade of Club Penguin wants to merge with us. We want YOU to vote!

As CPR soldiers, I believe it’s best if you guys check out their site for a while. Their leader is Eyes. He goes on CPR chat often asking us to merge. What rank should we give him? Review their site first guys! 😀


6 Responses

  1. Red Destoyz
    That more people will QQ me with evidence of bad mods
    No *fishpop aims gun* Uhhh Yes of course i will be at the Practice Battle and everything is fine

  2. •CP Name (and any other name we know you as): Alex Cone
    •CPR Rank: Highest mod
    •What you have learned from this post: not to kick random people for fun
    •Will you be joining the CPUN 6-Way PB? i will do my best

  3. Hello! I’m aware CPAE just had a Tournament. But this one will be even more epic, with many more armies. To fight for the Small Army Crown, just comment on the CPAE site saying you are particapating in it! http://clubpenuinarmyexpresscpae.wordpress.com/2010/12/23/new-beginings-tournament/#more-1193

  4. CP name: Zach 11 (I like to be called Zach)
    CPR Rank: Major general
    What you have learned from this post: I learned what CPR should be like and about are nation.
    Will you be joining the CPUN 6-way PB? I will try my best to join the PB.

  5. chubby45378
    major general
    what a ranger should be like
    yes i will join

  6. CP Name (and any other name we know you as): Josephp3 (other name: J3 or Josephp or JP or Joseph)
    CPR Rank: Graphics Designer
    What you have learned from this post: A LOT
    Will you be joining the CPUN 6-Way PB? I cant make it

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